Here's How You Can See 15 European Capitals for $400 (Really)

Here's How You Can See 15 European Capitals for $400 (Really)

It's an epic journey available to even the most cost-conscious traveler.

By Alesandra Dubin

These days, it seems that travel to Europe is getting cheaper by the day: Consider those $69 flight deals from Los Angeles, for instance.

But if you're willing to travel by way of a different kind of transportation — specifically, by bus — you can see the heck out of the continent and check off a full 15 bucket-list places for a scant $400.

Bus- and train-travel booking site Wanderu launched in Europe in January, and has since developed multi-city journey that will help even the most budget-minded tourists cover a ton of territory.

Wanderu paired its routing technology with an algorithm designed to create the best balance of desirable trips, including location and duration. It then spit out a map for a romp covering those optimal routes, based both on average and lowest available prices. 

Check it out here:

On average, the trip will cost about $600, but you can get the approximate $400 price tag by planning ahead.

The epic journey is a loop, beginning in London, and hitting such cities as Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Rome before ending up back at the starting point from last stop Paris.

Bon voyage!

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