Wild Video Shows YouTuber Scaling London's Tower Bridge, Triumphantly Waiting for Cops

Wild Video Shows YouTuber Scaling London's Tower Bridge, Triumphantly Waiting for Cops

Don't... look... down.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you clicked on this story, you likely fall into one of two camps: those who have already identified this stunt as their worst nightmare, or those who would actually love to have the chutzpah to try it one day.

The madness went down when YouTuber CassOnline strapped on his GoPro — as one does — and scaled London’s Tower Bridge, for the amusement (horror, shock, awe) of his fans. And his nearly 10-minute clip includes more than just the main event.

It begins with a mini practice climb, after which he says, “That was a fun little climb. It’s always special to me to see London at a height… because it’s the most beautiful city in the world.” That’s one way to do it!

After traipsing around central London, building up hype, he at last declares, “The weather’s good. I don’t know whether we’re going to see weather like this agin this month at all really. I think we should do it — let’s go!” 

And then, right around 5:00 on the video, he begins his climb. Immediately, you can see people gathering on the bridge to witness it. As he gets higher and higher, it’s plain to see the crowd below growing. Around 7:16 he actually lets go of the bridge to turn around and give the crowd a thumbs up, and then a wave.

As he approaches the top around the 8:00 minute mark, we get a solid view of London just at sunset — and, before we remember it’s actually pure mania, it all seems downright serene.

But not for long: He wraps up the clip as sirens blare and the cops come for him.

CassOnline accompanies the video with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek caption: “A massive shoutout to the officers who responded to whoever called the climb in, your response time was amazing and I have 100 percent faith in the safety of Londoners in this socio-political climate!”

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