Ladies of London’s Julie Montagu Has Great Royal Advice for Meghan Markle

Ladies of London’s Julie Montagu Has Great Royal Advice for Meghan Markle

The American who is now a Viscountess will be a Royal Wedding correspondent for BBC.

By Tamara Palmer

Bravo’s resident Viscountess Julie Montagu will be a Royal Wedding correspondent for BBC, and as an American who married an English viscount, she’s got a lot of great advice for Meghan Markle as she prepares to be betrothed to Prince Harry.

"I think my biggest advice to her is definitely to keep your American roots,” the Ladies of London aristocrat told Town and Country. “I’m sure that one of the main draws Prince Harry had to Meghan was her energy and her optimism and that American can-do attitude because I know that’s what my husband says about me."

Julie thinks that, above all, Meghan will be expected to know the long history of the family she’s joining.

“For me, I think the biggest learning curve was really understanding the history of the family that I was marrying into, so that when people asked me, I was knowledgeable about it and understood how far back this family goes and the significance around this family,” she explained to Jezebel. “For her, that will be the Windsors. Well, obviously, even beyond the Windsors, because they changed their name a hundred years ago. She’s going to have to know all of that history for sure.”

Julie’s pre-wedding commentary begins on May 13 with her appearance in the Smithsonian Channel special Million Dollar American Princesses: Meghan Markle.

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