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Caroline and Caprice's "Stupid" Argument

Annabelle explains why she felt Caroline and Caprice should move past the baby shower drama. Did you put Caroline's gift to good use?
Annabelle Neilson: Of course I loved it! I had to get a few more DVDs, because I'm a bit more of an action or sci-fi flick kind of girl (like the box set of Games of Thrones, my favorite fantasy TV show). What inspired you to try and mediate between Caroline and Caprice?
Annabelle: I wasn't inspired, but after what had happened to me, I just realized how ridiculous it was. I'm sitting there lying in a bed and I'm listening to two grown women talking to me about a baby shower while I've broken my pelvis and back -- it's pretty stupid.

[video_clip_url:] What was the most difficult part of your recovery?
Annabelle: The pain and the spasms, as well as realizing how serious it was. I just thought I'd get fixed up and be on my feet, I really didn't understand what I'd done. Being alone that summer, I had no one really with me most of the time, except a nurse. Then trying to walk, everything was hard. There wasn't one thing I could do well anymore, except write. Do you think Juliet and Noelle were in need of an etiquette lesson?
Annabelle: It was funny, but also kind of stupid! What did anyone actually learn, how not to eat soup? No one cares.

[video_clip_url:] Did you think it was awkward for Noelle and Marissa to throw Caprice's shower?
Annabelle: A little, but I liked what Marissa had to say -- she made a choice for herself to do something nice for someone else.

[video_clip_url:] Have you been to one of Caroline's dinners before? Does she always go so over the top?
Annabelle: No, I've never been to one of Caroline's dinners at her house, only in town. Was it a faux pas for Noelle to drink her hostess gift in the car?
Annabelle: Of course, but to say it, now that's really stupid. It's not funny or clever. Why tell someone you've brought them a present and drunk it? Just don't tell them, because basically you haven't brought them anything.


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