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Annabelle Neilson: I Told People What They Needed to Hear

Annabelle Neilson discusses Fashion for Relief, feeling backstabbed by Julie and her moment of honesty at dinner in Denmark. 

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Annabelle Neilson Calls All The Ladies Out
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Annabelle NeilsonFashion for Relief is not a normal fashion show in the sense that a lot of people walking have never done this before. So it is much more about having a giggle and fun with it and talking to people backstage who might be a bit scared...Not at all like a normal fashion show, everyone has given their time to support this cause and Naomi, it's a great atmosphere. 

Naomi and I have been friends for many years -  along with John Galiano, Kate Moss, Lee Alexander McQueen, and Edward Eninfour to name a very small number of the fashion elite the bright young and creative genuises of the last two decades. Naomi invited me along to be involved with the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, I was very lucky to have met one of the most extrodinary and inflentual leaders of our time. Most importantly she is my friend, she has made her own stamp on History and we have all shared a mad, beautiful, extraordinary, creative world together. We have loved, lost and lived, we are very blessed. 

My dress - It's a big dress to try and have fun with and you could walk down all serious, but really that's not in the spirit of what you're doing. I think my only horror was I'd left the shorts that go underneath this dress at the Dorchester where Naomi and I had planned to meet before the show. Then we were so late and I had to wear some show knickers, which is never good, but those are the brakes and it's a cardinal rule breaker not to have the right underwear on, so you just have to suck it up and walk.

It was lovely to see Marissa and Juliet sitting together and enjoying the show. I'm really happy I invited Juliet because I know how much she loves fashion and Marissa has been so kind helping me with my Me Me Me party - but to see them happy and smiling together during a crazy season of Ladies of London where there were a lot of feelings and upheavals in relationships but particularly theirs - I know I made the right choice on who I invited. They also both look gorgeous, perfect front row chic. What do you think about Caroline Stanbury’s comments about you arriving late? 

AN: What do I think of Caroline? If you do travel business class you should now you can arrive 45 mins before check in and 30 if you pre board…Oops, dig yourself out. Were you upset with Julie for not supporting you? How did you feel about your relationship at the time? 

AN: I felt really sad hearing Jules back up Caroline’s snippy remark behind my back. You obviously could stab me in the back and not in the guts; when standing behind a wall like me, a wall that when it is crumbling, you were so absent you fell into the wettest puddle I’ve ever seen…What happened? I told people what they needed to hear and to their face, not behind their backs…so sad that you've let yourself down...  What do you think about your honesty moment at dinner and what do you think of the ladies’ reactions?

AN: I take loyalty and friendship seriously, bitchiness is not my style - it is done cowardly and with no respect. If you can’t say it to someone’s face don’t say it at all…By the way if anyone can give these girls a therapy session it’s me. And if Jules can have her bum out, then I can certainly have an opinion and say it to everyone’s face, not behind their backs. I don’t hide or tittle tattle or snipe, I say what I think like a real English lady, with style, confidence and mental agility something unfortunately rather lacking in present company. Maybe you should all take some English literature classes and then find some…I might be dyslexic but good breeding is a privilege not a disadvantage. What did Caroline say, you can smell a social climber a mile away…so true!!!

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