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Annabelle Neilson on "Grown Women Fighting Over a Holiday"

Catch up with Annabelle Neilson as she discusses how Marissa and Juliet's tiff is one of the most competitive she's seen. What have you been up to since last season of Ladies of London ended?

Annabelle Neilson: I have been working very hard on the Me Me Me series. Angry Me is out now and Dreamy Me and Messy Me will come out in January, then another 15 more after that, so I'm never am lost for what to do with my time. Creating the Me Me Me series is: one, very rewarding and two, very creative which I love. I am also working on turning On The Pond, another children’s book, into a film. It’s very different for me, no rhyming but lot's of dialogue which is fun. I'm still involved in Fashion with McQueen and other designers like Emillio de la Marino and Conchita Perez. I will always look for new young talent in London and the UK as it is important to me. I have also just finished a children’s book for Children in Need, a charity in England that is close to my heart. The part of the book that I wrote I did along side one of my best mates Kate Moss and also Nick Grymshore AKA Grimmy who now host's X Factor with Simone Cowell...There a few other things but I'm not talking about those yet, always need to keep something under your belt! Where do you stand on Thanksgiving-gate? Tell us about the trip to the grocery store and the argument in the aisles.  

AN: I have to say I didn't really enjoy that argument. I don't like arguments anyway but in a grocery store, it was just weird to be standing there with two grown women fighting over a holiday which is all about tribes coming together. A holiday with the pilgrims landing in a new continent and breaking bread as it were with the indigenous people of what would become America. It's also kind of strange as I thought this would be a holiday that Marissa and Juliet would be really together on but I was very wrong about that.

My Thanksgiving is Better Than Your Thanksgiving
Bravo Insider Exclusive!

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AN: It's so long ago that the confrontation happened with me a Juliet and things have changed, but I feel sorry for both of them as their friendship is deteriorating in public over what is meant to be a celebration. I've seen a lot of fights in my time. Some are stupid, some serious, some just strange and weird. So to be frank, it's not the biggest, it's not the baddest, but it is one of the more competitive arguments I've seen...I guess watch this space.

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