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Caroline Fleming's First Impressions of the Ladies

Hear more about Caroline's wild past with Caroline Stanbury and which Lady surprised her in all the wrong ways. 

By Caroline Fleming
Caroline Fleming: Old School Danish Royal/MILF Tell us about your past with Caroline Stanbury — any fun stories to share?

Caroline FlemingI have known Caroline for many many years - she used to have the appetite of a horse, like me and as a result we could often been seen at 8 AM in Starbucks eating chocolate decadence cake before our ballet class. She is one of the scariest drivers as she has eyes everywhere but the thank goodness for Laslow. What were you thinking when the two Americans, Juliet and Marissa, were arguing  at Caroline’s party?

CF: I wasn't really aware of such a heated conversation going on between the girls as I was in the other room, but aside from Marissa and Juliet - I think discussions should if at all possible be between the people involved and done in a discreet and appropriate place and not where you can jeopardise someone's personal space and hard effort for an event. It's rude and inappropriate.

It's Marissa Vs. Juliet (And Caroline's Loving it!) What were your first impressions of the ‘Ladies of London’ women?

CF: First impression of Julie Montagu was great, I felt totally connected to her and quite quickly thought we could be similar in our love yoga and kindness to the body and mind. I also hit it off with quite quickly with Annabelle - we bonded over carving and this has grown very slowly but solidly into a gorgeous friendship...Marissa was a big surprise as I had pictured her to be this very warm and kind woman and not someone who creates drama and hurts people who are supposed to be her friends…Juliet came across in a lovely and cute way at first hand and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. I loved Sophie immediately. Sophie is a woman I really enjoy spending time with and its been like that from the start... 

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