Caroline: Annabelle Dominates Julie

Caroline: Annabelle Dominates Julie

Caroline Stanbury dishes on her confrontation with Annabelle Neilson in Denmark. 

A Storm is Brewing in Denmark For Caroline and Annabelle Tell us about the dinner and your confrontation with Annabelle. Do you still feel Julie was Annabelle’s puppet? 

Caroline Stanbury: I think Annabelle is a dominant character and it it is easier for Julie to do as she wants than to stand up to her or say, actually I don't want to. What were you thinking when Caroline Fleming was so upset at breakfast? 

CS: I was thinking why am I rushing round to keep the chef happy? I wanted to sleep and thought she overreacted but I understand she feels stressed when organizing everything perfectly for us all. 

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Caroline Fleming's Emotional Visit Home What was it like being there for Caroline during her visit with her mom and meeting her family? 

CS: I have met Caroline's family before but a long time ago. Obviously it was extremely emotional to see her with her mothers urn I felt desperately sad for her and proud of what she has achieved without the guidance of a mother. She was incredibly brave and I am touched she shared that with me.

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