Caroline Stanbury on The Annabelle Drama in Denmark

Caroline Stanbury on The Annabelle Drama in Denmark

Caroline Stanbury dishes on Gift Libary's closing and Annabelle Neilson's negative comments about the Ladies' behavior. 

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Caroline Stanbury Says Goodbye to Gift Library Tell us about finally closing the doors of Gift Library. (And do you still hate hugs?) 

Caroline StanburyClosing Gift Library was a total shock and I just found it impossible to go back. I haven't been back since and seen it. It's very hard and still is. And yes I hate hugs! What were you thinking when Annabelle arrived late to the airport? 

CS: When Annabelle arrived late I thought it was her way of making her presence known - leaving us to wonder if she was coming or not, and we were all left to wait and worry. 

Is There Anything Caroline Stanbury Can't Do? Tell us about the trip visiting Caroline Fleming’s home country – what were you feeling going into it and were you excited to get away? 

CS: I am not a huge group trip person so I was apprehensive and not really in the head space to deal with drama.

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Annabelle Neilson Calls All The Ladies Out What did you think of Annabelle’s moment of honesty at dinner and her reaction to what you said to her? 

CS: Annabelle likes to tell us all what's wrong with us and how we should behave but apparently we aren't allowed the same luxury...I was a little surprised she took our happy dinner to such a negative space but again I rather know how someone feels than not. 

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