Julie: I Would Never Make Fun of Caroline's Business

Julie: I Would Never Make Fun of Caroline's Business

Julie Montagu doesn't think Caroline Stanbury really cares about her feelings.

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It's New Years, New Tears For Julie

Bravotv.com: You went to Caroline Stanbury for self-confidence — did you get what you were looking for from your business talk?
Julie Montagu: Not really. When someone tells you, "You don’t have a brain," it doesn’t help one’s self confidence. So I walked away actually feeling really bad about myself and not very confident in my business JUB. I guess her comment to me was funny to her, so at least someone walked away feeling good about themselves. Oh well.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about being on the receiving end of Caroline’s yoga comments at NYE dinner. What did you think of her apology?
JM: Yoga is a major part of my life, so when someone makes fun of you again (first it’s that I have no brain and now this), it makes me feel like I’m not really good at anything I do in Caroline’s eyes. I didn’t feel that her apology was very sincere -- I don’t think she cared very much that she hurt me. In fact, I really don’t think Caroline cares at all what she says or does to me. She thinks it’s all just very funny. And this is where we’re different -- I would never ever make fun of her and her businesses. Ever.

Julie's Headstand and Caroline's Sharp Tongue

Bravotv.com: What were you thinking when you watched Caroline straddling Gregor? Was it all in good fun or was it inappropriate?
JM: No comment.

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