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Julie Montagu: I Want to Focus on the Positive, Not Annabelle Drama

Lady Julie Montagu dishes on finding her "Unbelivebale Balls" and how she wants to move past her drama with Annabelle Neilson. 

By Julie Montagu
A Storm is Brewing in Denmark For Caroline and Annabelle How did your family take the JUB shoot? 

Julie Montagu:  I think at first when I just described it to them they were like, "...Ummmmm okay, let’s hope this works." But then after seeing the photos and how sleek it looked, they were like, "Okay, that’s pretty cool and a great advert for JUB!" Considering your revealing JUB shoot and success, how did it feel to hear Caroline Stanbury say that she so strongly respects you as a business woman and that you found your "balls"?

JM:  Caroline Stanbury knows that I struggle with self-esteem and so hearing her say that was nice to the ears. I think in life, when anyone says they respect you, it feels good on the inside. When Caroline kept saying I finally have balls, it sort of made me laugh because all I could think of were my JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls) - and maybe she’s right… JULIE’S finally got some UNBELIEVABLE BALLS!  

Julie Montagu's Hilarious Pole Dancing As some who also has an estate, what did you think of Caroline Fleming’s castle?

JM: One word-  EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!! What were you thinking about your friendship with Annabelle – considering Caroline’s advice and the discussion at dinner?

JM: At this time, I do not want to discuss the drama or my friendship with Annabelle. I want to focus on the positive instead. I teach in my yoga classes 'to let go of any resentment, grievance, shame, guilt, or pain from the past because if we don’t our entire body-mind suffers.’ And I must also follow this, too, in order to stay positive, stay in the present and keep moving forwards, not backwards. What did you think of Marissa and Caroline’s surprising reconciliation?

JM: I was shocked! I didn’t even know that conversation had taken place between Caroline and Marissa and was quite surprised to be honest! I was certain something else was going to go down between them in Denmark…but I was clearly wrong! But good for them for putting it behind them and making the weekend between them drama-free. Let's see how long that lasts...

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