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Julie Montagu on Tub-Sharing, Cougars, and MILFs

Julie Montagu dishes on her bath time with Marissa Hermer, the meaning of MILFs, and the "Cougar" showdown. 

By Julie Montagu
The Cougar Clash Continues (in a Bath Tub) Tell us about the struggle of being a Lady, and redefining what that means.  

Julie Montagu: I think there’s a lot of stereotypes when it come to being a 'Lady' and I’m not sure I am any of them!  At first, I thought I had to fit into a certain stereotype - super proper and really, kind of super English, too! But, yoga has taught me so much about being authentic to who you are and so some might think I’m being very risky by 'bending the rules' but at the end of the day, I want to be me and the best version of myself. Because, boring would it be to try to be something or someone you’re not. I’m, of course, proud that I’m a Lady but equally proud that I’ve stayed the All-American girl through and through.   

Lady Julie Learns a New Word: MILF So, MILF - what were you thinking struggling to get it and after you finally got it? 

JM:  Honestly, I had never ever heard that word before!!! And so, I just really couldn’t think!  When Juliet said, "MILF or yummy mummy" I honestly thought it had something to do with breast milk!  NO JOKE!  So, when Annabelle told me what it meant…Well, I think my reaction on the TV says it all! Holy Cow, who comes up with this stuff?!? LOL.

A-Hunting the 'Ladies of London' Will Go Tell us about the shooting weekend. What did you think of all the ladies’ different reactions to the shoot? 

JM: I thought the shooting weekend was so much fun for all of us! Even though some of the girls were a bit weary about shooting, they totally participated by either taking part or watching on the side lines. And they looked great too! Even Caroline Stanbury came out in the end, Chanel and all! It really was a fun weekend for all. The bath moment with Marissado you usually take baths with your girlfriends? 

JM:  Marissa and I stayed out much longer than the rest of the girls to continue with the shoot and it got colder and colder as the day went on. Our rooms were across from each other and when we arrived back to Stoke Park, we were frozen and both wanted a bath! Her bath, incidentally, was much bigger than mine! And we both thought it would be fun to have a bubble jacuzzi as I like to call it…in her bath because it was rather large!  But really, what’s the difference between women showering together in a gym or after a hot yoga class and taking a bath together? In my view, not a whole lot - ours was just much more fun as not only did we have bubbles in our bath, but we had bubbles in our glasses too. What did you think would happen when you told Marissa about what Caroline Fleming said? What do you think of their discussion during dinner? 

JM: I knew when I told Marissa that she would definitely want to put this one to bed once and for all. Even though there had been a phone conversation between Marissa and Caroilne, it clearly hadn’t been resolved. And honestly, I’d rather have two people kiss and make up even while at the dinner party than glare each other down at a dinner party!


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