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Juliet: No One Owns Thanksgiving

Juliet Angus explains that Thanksgiving to her is about family, not climbing the social ladder. 

By Juliet Angus
My Thanksgiving is Better Than Your Thanksgiving What have you been up to since last season of Ladies of London ended?

Juliet Angus: I have been busy building my blog,, which is super exciting. It's primarily fashion, but I have been adding all my London secret lists of best restaurants, places to stays, things to do and places to shop. In addition to constantly updating the blog, I am very lucky to have lots of loyal fashion followers and Ladies of London fans on Instagram (JulietAngus) so I make sure to always have my feed current with what I am doing and what I am wearing. With fashion being the working priority I am extremely fortunate to now be working with high fashion brands as an ambassador. I love working on specific projects and product launches that I am extremely passionate about. I have worked in fashion over the last 15 years with some incredible brands in the U.S. and London and everything I have learned in the process has contributed to building my strong personal voice in the fashion world. 

We also moved homes this year and I have been busy trying to get the family settled, again! Welcome, the Angus Family Traveling Circus. We have lived in a couple different houses and neighborhoods since our move to London, as Gregor and I didn't grow up in London we wanted to live in and experience different parts - North of the river in Chelsea and Parsons Green, and South of the river in Battersea. We love our new home, but we’re definitely looking to buy a home in the next couple years as our family applies for indefinite leave in the UK and hopefully become residents. What do you think of Marissa’s thoughts about your relationship with Caroline ruining your other friendships? Do you feel it affects your relationship with Marissa?

JAMarissa has it all wrong actually. My last four year years in London I have met a lot of people, some have become close friends, but some have truly become family.  And Caroline, has really become like family - our husbands have bonded, our children love spending time together having play dates and going to each other’s birthdays. We enjoy weekends all together in the country, and have gone on vacation together with our families to the Maldives. We even spent most of this past summer in Los Angeles all hanging out. 

I have incredible family and friends in Chicago, LA, New York, Montreal. Finding friends in London that felt like I'd known them my whole life was the most important part to making London feel like home, way more than climbing any social ladder.

It's Marissa Vs. Juliet (And Caroline's Loving it!) What are your thoughts about your agrument with Marissa at Caroline’s party?

JA: I am proud that I really know who I am and that no matter who I meet, whoever they may be, wherever they may be from never alters my sense of self and voicing 'how' they make me feel. Marissa made many accusations and made Thanksgiving about her and how she has been hosting the holiday ever since she moved to London and her traditions. She wanted to control this holiday from the get-go. Marissa is great at throwing parties and they are great to attend, but no one owns Thanksgiving.

My children have celebrated Thanksgiving with us as a family every year since they were born either going back to Chicago when we were living in Montreal or here in London when we hosted it one year at our house and then rotated it between some of our other American ex-pat friends homes.

Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been a tradition based around family getting together – nothing more. No matter where I lived during college and the years after I always went home for Thanksgiving. To me that is the most important thing about this holiday, being with family and giving “thanks” that you are all home together with warmth, food, love and health.  We had just moved homes in London two weeks before this Thanksgiving and it just didn’t feel like home around this very special holiday to me and I just wanted to be with my husband, children and the friends I felt closest to.

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