Last Chance Kitchen Season 7

Last Chance Kitchen Season 7

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LCK Ep 1: Catch me up...Quick!

Season 7 of Last Chance Kitchen kicks off with a twist! Four Top Chef vets compete in Last Chance Kitchen for a chance to enter Top Chef season 15.

LCK Ep 2: All of a Spudden

Can a newly eliminated cheftestant knock out a vet in this episode of Last Chance Kitchen? It all comes down to now!

LCK Ep 4: Two Wrongs

After an unexpected Quickfire elimination round, two eliminated chefs enter Last Chance Kitchen. Do they have what it takes to knock out the other competitors?

LCK Ep 5: All in Your Head

Can these chefs makes a dish with animals heads that is delicious enough to keep them in the competition or will they get in their own head?

LCK Ep 6: Cook with Your Guts

Do these chefs have the guts to cook up a delicious dish that will send them immediately back into the competition or will the cave under the pressure?

LCK Ep 8: Speed Round

Two eliminated chefs are challenged with making any dish their heart desires, but there's one catch...they have to make it in 10 minutes!

LCK Ep 9: Last Last Chance

These chefs are on their last legs and so is the food they're cooking with...who will rescue this produce that's going bad?

LCK Ep 12: Finale

Which eliminated chef will take the Last Chance Kitchen title and enter back into the Top Chef competition?