S19 - E2

Two Cloche for Comfort

Last Chance Kitchen officially kicks off as Tom Colicchio challenges the first two eliminated chefs with cooking a dish highlighting some of the toughest ingredients found locally in Houston.
S19 - E3

PotatOH No You Don't!

After getting grilled for their potato preparation on Top Chef, a newly eliminated cheftestant gets another shot at making a spud-tacular dish in Last Chance Kitchen. However, they can only use ingredients and equipment their competitor isn't using.
S19 - E4

Double Jeopardy

It's double trouble in Last Chance Kitchen when the eliminated chefs are tasked with creating not one but TWO dishes with only 30 minutes on the clock.
S19 - E5 | Part 1

Panic in the Pantry

One of these three chefs will return to the competition. To earn that shot, they can cook anything they want — but there's a catch.
S19 - E5 | Part 2

Station Swap

The challenge kicks off with a twist that no one saw coming. In the end, one contestant returns to the competition for another shot at the title of Top Chef.
S19 - E6

Oh Broth-er!

Tom Colicchio tasks the eliminated cheftestants with a challenge that really takes stock of their skills.
S19 - E7

The Right Stuffed

This challenge may sound simple, but it's actually full of complexity. Who will have just the stuff to get one step closer to re-entering the competition?
S19 - E8

Ghost Kitchen

Last Chance Kitchen puts a new spin on Restaurant Wars with a challenge that one of the eliminated contestants says might be even harder than what the chefs faced in Season 19.
S19 - E9

Blind Taste Test

Top Chef's famous blind taste test comes to Last Chance Kitchen, where one contestant baffles Tom Colicchio with their approach to the challenge.

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