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No Wrong Path

"At times you will question our 'judgment' and may disagree with the outcome. Stay tuned!"

Loved the field trip! I was excited for this week's challenge -- creating a look appropriate for a day at the beach, by spending a day at the beach! Some of the designers translated an inspiration from Venice Beach into international jet-set, while others stayed local in California. There is no wrong path to take as long as you remain true to your brand and vision, and meet the criteria of the challenge.

What began in the design room with the WGSN trend forecasters was "brought to life" from their journey out in the world. True designers draw inspiration from a "bigger universe" than just clothes - art, music, architecture, nature, books, people, food, travel etc..... You know how the episode rolled so I won't recap every moment or dwell on the drama. We have time for that. What I would love for you to keep in mind as the competition unfolds is a few things:  Each designer was presented the opportunity to create a line/brand. It was only the expert they "inherited," the rest was in their hands. Some chose to target a narrow, specific audience and others have broader appeal. We don't have to like or want to wear any of the collections personally in order to be objective. The cohesion of the line will define the customer and hopefully each garment will rise to the challenge and be well executed. At times you will question our "judgment" and may disagree with the outcome. Stay tuned! As the competition evolves you will become part of the brand building process and see who TRULY has the potential to make it in the fashion business.

Elimination is tough! Dan, David - amazing people and talents. It was awesome to see the fabulous LML family at the launch party this week in NY. You all look gorgeous and are winners!

Until next week,

- x Stefani

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