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Bravo Movie Club Baby Mama
FIRST AIRED: Jan 8 12/11c
Season 5 | Watch with Dolores and Margaret
FIRST 1614132000 | TV-14

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Dolores and Margaret react and give commentary on recent Dallas episodes.

Season 18 | Jackie Goldschneider & Annaleigh Ashford
FIRST 1614826800
Season 2 | The Kelly Clarkson Show
FIRST AIRED: Mar 3 12/11c
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Season 3 | Ep 6: My Dearest Emile...
FIRST 1443574800 | TV-14

Connie and Rocky’s whipped cream bikini party leaves a big mess on Eros. Eddie’s long-distance relationship is on the rocks, and his problems are compounded when Dane and the other deckies make a series of stupid mistakes. The charter guests, a group of former sorority sisters escaping their husbands and kids, keep the crew hustling as they relive some college hijinks. Rocky finally gets in the galley to make dinner, and the reviews aren’t great. Meanwhile, Emile gets a discouraging letter from Rocky.

Season 3 | Ep 7: Storm's a Comin'
FIRST 1444179600 | TV-14

Emile is miffed when Rocky spells out the status of their relationship in a public way. The charter guests, a preppy brother and sister, request an elaborate multi-course tasting menu, but Leon's failure to order provisions in time puts the meal, and the crew's tip, in jeopardy. Dane's professional and personal issues cause his crewmates to become very alarmed. A freak storm creates chaos for the crew and the guests, but the storm brewing between Kate and Leon could be the real disaster.

Season 3 | Ep 8: Boom Boom in the Laundry Room
FIRST 1444784400 | TV-14

The crew enjoys a day off with an island hideaway, but Dane's drunken behavior leads to a confrontation with Eddie that puts Dane's future on the boat in jeopardy. When the charter guests, founders of a multi-million dollar apparel company, challenge Leon on his meal choices, he has to make a quick fix for the sake of the crew's tip. After witnessing Kate's failed attempts to smooth things out with Leon, Captain Lee issues the crew a stern warning.

Season 3 | Ep 9: Fire!
FIRST 1445389200 | TV-14

The stews are excited to welcome aboard a family of gorgeous charter guests, to celebrate their dad's 50th birthday. Leon commits a big faux pas by ignoring a guest's request to refrain from serving rabbit for dinner. Connie's deckhand skills impress Eddie and Captain Lee, but Emile is feeling underappreciated. Eddie begins to question his closeness with Rocky, but there's more at risk than personal relationships when a fire breaks out in the galley putting the whole boat in danger.

Season 3 | Ep 10: What Took You So Long?
FIRST 1445994000 | TV-14

Captain Lee grills the crew as he tries to find out the cause of the galley fire and the inquiry leads to a contentious dismissal. In a fit of rebellion against Lee’s decision, Rocky takes a dramatic, unauthorized dive off the boat leaving her crew-mates shorthanded and angry. With Captain Lee at his wit’s end due to the ongoing chaos on the boat, his crew have to band together to create a special 50th birthday celebration for their charter guest, but an angry blow-up between Kate and Rocky could spoil the party. Meanwhile, A familiar face stirs things up when he joins the boat.

Season 3 | Ep 11: The Real Housewives of Atlanta
FIRST 1446602400 | TV-14

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan, along with family and friends board the Eros to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday, but bad weather keeps them stuck at the dock where the crew must work extra hard to pamper their charter guests. Veteran deckhand Dave joins the boat, but his fellow "deckie" Emile proves to be the guests’ favorite eye candy, and the ladies demand his constant attention. Chef Ben's return complicates his relationship with Kate, which quickly affects the rest of the crew dynamic. Meanwhile, Rocky is confused and hurt when she overhears Eddie making multiple derogatory comments about her.

Season 3 | Ep 12: Dirty Laundry
FIRST 1447207200 | TV-14

As Rocky struggles to maintain her emotional composure as her frustrations with her job and Eddie mount, Eddie learns that Rocky has been following his girlfriend on social media. Ben wows the new charter guests with a massive steakhouse-style dinner, but is frustrated when they are unhappy with his breakfast dishes. Rocky divulges details of her and Eddie’s secret affair to Amy and Emile, but when Emile threatens to confront Eddie the ladies have to keep him under control.  

Season 3 | Ep 13: Loose Lips Sink Ships
FIRST 1447812000 | TV-14

The final dinner of the charter season is imperiled when Ben suffers a severe injury and he’s forced to rely on Rocky for help. Captain Lee talks to Connie about her yachting future while Eddie explodes when he learns Rocky has been telling crewmates about their affair. The crew's celebratory bonfire gets extremely tense when Eddie and Rocky confront one another. Ben and Kate have a serious talk about the nature of their relationship. Kate and Amy marvel over their newfound friendship as the Eros crew part ways after completing a successful charter season. 

Season 2 | Running on Fumes
FIRST 1614650400 | TV-14
Captain Glenn and Parsifal are back! This time in Croatia and ready to welcome a whole new crew aboard to a wild season full of over-the-top antics. Chief Stew, Daisy Kelliher, hails from Ireland and a pedigreed sailing background - both of her parents were yachties, and her grandfather sailed for Ireland in the 1964 Olympics. Rounding out the interior are Daisy’s skilled 2nd Stew, Dani Soares, and lovably eccentric 3rd Stew, Alli Dore. Leading the deck team is the ultra-experienced First Mate, Gary King, who rules his department with an iron fist. Reporting to Gary are Sydney Zaruba, who has been sailing since she was a child, and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanuax, who towers at a whopping 6’9” and can barely fit in his bunk. The deck team slips up when they mistakenly wash the teak with gasoline, and Chief Engineer, Colin Macrae, swoops in to save the day. Chef Natasha De Bourg, who has worked at many Michelin-Star restaurants, is challenged to create exquisite dishes revolving around the Primary guest’s strict vegan requirements. But the first charter of the season gets really rocky when the guests get in a drunken personal fight. The next morning, the guests’ excitement to sail puts Daisy and Natasha at odds over serving breakfast on heel. But nothing is more startling than when Jean-Luc realizes he may have lost two guests at sea!
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Jul 21 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Jul 14 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Jul 21 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Nov 10 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Nov 17 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Nov 24 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Dec 1 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Dec 8 12/11c
Season 3 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 3)
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
Season 4 | Chrisley Knows Best (season 4)
FIRST AIRED: Mar 8 12/11c
Season 5 | Trash Talk
FIRST 1614304800 | TV-14
With the weekend finally upon them, the crew decides to let loose in an all-out mullet extravaganza. The debauchery continues when hit the beach for the first time this summer. Much to the chagrin of Paige and Amanda, Hannah and Luke reconcile. However, the real war begins when Kyle innocently calls a house meeting to discuss chores.
Season 5 | Best Frenemies
FIRST 1614909600
Luke thinks a flirtatious flower delivery will get his relationship with Ciara back on track, only to find himself deeper in the friendzone. Stephen attempts to cheer Lindsay up with a romantic birthday dinner that completely backfires. Meanwhile, Hannah and Amanda’s friendship takes a turn for the worse. Carl receives devastating news, and heads home to be with his family.
Season 18 | Garcelle Beauvais & Kelly Rowland
FIRST 1614913200
Bravo Movie Club
FIRST AIRED: Jan 8 12/11c