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Season 5 | Reunion Part 2
FIRST 1620784800 | TV-14
In the conclusion of The Real Housewives of Dallas season 5 reunion, Tiffany and Kameron spar over chicken feet, cultural stereotyping, and their social media war. D’Andra defends her name change and reveals shocking new facts about the battle over her inheritance. Brandi talks candidly about her unexpected pregnancy, her missteps with Tiffany, and her husband’s recently surfaced betrayal.
FIRST AIRED: Apr 2 12/11c
At Camp Spirit Thunder, high school cheer leaders compete. The red team/Sharks' cutie, Carson, and blue team/Jets' hunk, Penn, are in love. Does that make them archenemies like the Sharks and Jets?
Season 18 | Leah McSweeney & Leslie Bibb
FIRST 1620788400
Season 2 | The Kelly Clarkson Show
FIRST AIRED: May 11 12/11c
NEW YORK: STRONGER. Kellyoke: Kelly Clarkson and Her Band Y’All Perform ‘How Blue’ (Reba McEntire). NY Live Cohost Sara Gore. Obsessed: Coney Island. Mariska Hargitay. Aaron Tveit. Good Neighbor: Sunnyside Queens Pantry. Kelly Extra: Maya Rudolph SNL story. #WhatI’mLiking: The Giving Busker
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Season 10 | Ep 17: Reunion Part 1
FIRST 1583370000

The reunion kicks off with Melissa, Margaret, Jackie and even Dolores sparring with Jennifer as Teresa remains loyal to her friend. Meanwhile, Jackie reveals surprising details about her eating disorder and Dolores comes to a shocking conclusion about her relationship.

Season 10 | Ep 18: Reunion Part 2
FIRST 1583971200

Jackie and Jennifer's feud reaches new heights, while Melissa questions the health of Teresa's marriage. The husbands shake up the set with shocking and hilarious details about all the wives' sex lives. Backstage, Danielle makes a surprising demand.

Season 10 | Ep 19: Reunion Part 3
FIRST 1584576000

Joe Gorga reveals what he really knew about the Joe Giudice cheating allegations. After shocking revelations, Margaret and Teresa's friendship is left hanging in the balance. Danielle attempts to shut down the reunion filming.

Season 11 | C U Next Tuesday
FIRST 1613613600 | TV-14
Dolores and David struggle to overcome a fight about her plastic surgery, and Jennifer is stuck in the middle of her parents' marital issues. Meanwhile, Margaret plans a girls' trip, but Teresa's loose lips threatens to destroy the entire vacation and friend group.
Season 11 | Licked Up and Down
FIRST 1614218400 | TV-14
As the ladies try to show Teresa the error of her ways, Jackie struggles with tension in her marriage. On the other hand, Jennifer's relationship with her mother worsens and Frank tries to repair the rift between Dolores and David.
Season 11 | Guys Gone Wild
FIRST 1614823200 | TV-14
A guys night out reveals new secrets about Jackie and Evan's marriage. Joe Gorga begins to worry that Melissa has been unfaithful, but Jennifer reveals a secret that could also destroy his business.
Season 11 | Redo and Rewind
FIRST 1615428000 | TV-14
Margaret reveals a shocking personal secret, and Melissa discovers Teresa's realtor has been spreading rumors about Joe Gorga. Margaret and Jackie spar over Teresa's motivations, as Teresa struggles with selling her home.
Season 11 | Kiss My Peach
FIRST 1616029200 | TV-14
Dolores and David address their relationship while Jennifer's relationship with her mother worsens. Melissa and Joe confront Michelle and Jon about the rumor they are spreading, and Teresa throws a wild pool party that ends badly.
Season 11 | Dildos Down the Shore
FIRST 1616634000 | TV-14
As the ladies and their husbands head down the shore, Teresa finalizes her divorce and Joe Giudice's rumors about Joe Gorga come to a head. And, a gift from Teresa to Jackie sends the entire group into a tailspin.
Season 11 | Old Feuds Never Die
FIRST 1617238800 | TV-14
A fight between Melissa and Teresa sends Joe Gorga over the edge. When Evan heads down the shore to confront Teresa, Jackie threatens to head home.
Season 11 | Memorial Mayhem
FIRST 1617843600 | TV-14
As Teresa and Joe prepare for their father's memorial, a fight between Margaret and Jennifer and marital issues between Melissa and Joe threaten to derail the event.
Season 11 | Pineapple Puss
FIRST 1618448400 | TV-14
A psychic unveils Dolores' health crisis, Melissa's marital issues and secrets about Teresa's dating life as Jennifer struggles to find peace between her mother and father.
Season 11 | Sinking Ships
FIRST 1619053200 | TV-14
A yacht party leads to a big blow out between Margaret and Jennifer. Meanwhile, Marge Senior is devastated by the contents of Margaret’s book and Teresa struggles with the loss of her parents.
Season 11 | Teresa in Love
FIRST 1619658000 | TV-14
Jennifer throws a Turkish Tea Party to try to help her mother while the guys go on an outrageous golf outing. On the other hand, Dolores struggles with her biopsy, and Joe Gorga reveals too much about Teresa’s boyfriend.
Season 11 | The Real Housewives Of New Jersey
FIRST AIRED: May 12 12/11c
Season 11 | House of Horrors
FIRST 1620867600
Teresa takes her relationship to the next level while Melissa and Joe’s relationship hits a breaking point. Additionally, Jennifer’s excessive drinking threatens to ruin Marge’s Halloween Bash.
Season 11 | House of Horrors
FIRST 1620867600
Teresa takes her relationship to the next level while Melissa and Joe’s relationship hits a breaking point. Additionally, Jennifer’s excessive drinking threatens to ruin Marge’s Halloween Bash.
Season 1 | Karma's a Beach
FIRST 1586739600 | TV-14
It's off to Key West for a weekend of fun, sun... and no parental supervision. While alpha males Brian and Shaan butt heads, Monica tests Anisha's patience with her "good girl" image. Storm clouds gather when an innocent game takes a scandalous turn, causing Monica to draw a line in the sand.