Goth Glam Goodness

Episode 10:'s Assistant Editor thinks there can never be enough leather neck corsets.

Met with a Challenge

Chris explains why Chrissy's gown was the biggest challenge of the season.

Ta-Ta Talk

Episode 9:'s Assistant Editor thinks Izzy and Alex need to make a boob-themed musical.

Haute Dog

Chris explains the difficulties of working with dogs.

High Wig, High Tea

Episode 7:'s Assistant Editor thinks all wigs should be large enough to support oversize novelty items.

On With Her Head!

Chris thinks Tracy's outfit may end up being his favorite piece this season.

Victorian Punk'd

Episode 6:'s Assistant Editor thinks he may have Susanne Bartsch's style pinned down.

Gotta Have a Gimmick

Chris March explains why he was initially dreading working with Susanne Bartsch.