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Crawling Across Broken Glass...

Chris dishes on his larger-than-life experience with Jennifer Coolidge

…Or getting a phone call Thursday night, shopping Friday, making an outfit on Saturday, packing it up and flying to New Orleans on Sunday, fitting it and sending it off with Jennifer Coolidge by Monday at 2pm. Whew! And I have the scars on my knees to prove it. But I wouldn't have it any other way. My Jennifer Coolidge experience was, in many ways, larger than life... First off, she is (as you might imagine from her off-kilter sense of humor) all over the place communication-wise. One minute she is serious and business like, the next she is hitting on the cameraman and doing a strip-tease. A rollercoaster ride of gigantic proportions. Speaking of gigantic proportions, we got very little in the way of measurements for her, and tried to add up how tall she would be. We figured 5' 9" at the very tallest. When she opened the door at her exquisite mansion in New Orleans, she was like the attack of the 50-foot woman! She is so very tall and imposing in person. I was taken aback. Also, she is amazingly beautiful...with the prettiest eyes, most gorgeous skin, and of course, super sexy legs that start at the floor and end at the ceiling. I was afraid our short cocktail dress would end up looking like a napkin! In our first phone conversation, she told me she wanted anything white, silvery, icy, snowy, and sparkly -- even though she was going to be on the front of the Orpheus Parade float that had a different theme. We had a great time putting together the outfit, with my favorite part being the cocktail dress -- made from $300 a yard rhinestoned fabric from France. We had only one inch of that fabric left over. The collar was made like a Tinker Toy, to be packed in pieces and assembled in New Orleans. The snow queen was ready and packed up and flew to the Big Easy with our crew -- me, Matt, and Christine. One of the reasons we look (and are!) so tired when we are assembling the collar at her house is because the night before a parade was re-routed past our hotel, and we were trapped on the other side of it until almost 2am. Needless to say, we were already exhausted, but that practically put us in our graves. But it was all for Jennifer Coolidge, so we got down on our knees and crawled across the broken glass some more...

Between her hilarious and gracious personality, her incredible spooky-fabulous mansion, the spirit of New Orleans at Mardi Gras, the completion of a truly incredible outfit, and the satisfaction of meeting this overwhelming challenge, we had an experience we will never forget. The moment we saw her on the float was beyond exhilarating, and catching beads thrown to us from Jennifer Coolidge was like catching a piece of the moon. So broken glass is really no big deal.

See you soon,  


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