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High Wig, High Tea

Episode 7:'s Assistant Editor thinks all wigs should be large enough to support oversize novelty items.

Before we dive into the fabulous folds of the Marie Antoinette costume, I encourage you take a moment of zen courtesy of Christine's dog, Babydoll Glamourlou. I found this unseen footage of her prancing around Chris' studio to be a sheer delight. I mean she's so small and frisky! And she's wearing a little pink dress! mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-107-09.jpg

This week's challenge -- to create a Marie Antoinette-inspired look for Tracy Stern -- was a lot of fun (if you couldn't already tell from the photo above). Turning around such an elaborate costume in only three days may not be feasible for most, but Chris and his crew were up for the challenge. Chris really put the mad in Mad Fashion as he used pet tents to save time on the construction of the skirt (or the bra, according to Chris).mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-107-13.jpg

For me though it was all about that enormous tea cup on that even more enormous wig. If only all wigs could be this large. How amazing would it be to see Kim Zolciak wearing a blond wig that big? Perhaps with a large novelty box of cigarettes or a microphone affixed to it? But I digress. I was just glad that Tracy was able to carry that tower of hair on her head.mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-107-15.jpg

Well this is one way to walk through the park (and in my opinion the best way). Can you imagine being that guy behind Tracy? I would love seeing Marie Antoinette strolling about, that's the sort of thing that makes your day. I'm guessing Tracy knocked it out of the park at her tea party, because really the only person who might be able to top that is Marie Antoinette herself. Next week Matt buys a shopping cart from a homeless man. Just watch.

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