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Jennifer Coolidge is the Best

Episode 3:'s Assistant Editor would hang out in Jennifer Coolidge's dungeon anytime.

The title of this recap says it all. If you don't fall madly in love with Jennifer Coolidge after watching this video, there is something seriously wrong with you. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-103-01.jpg

So Chris was a little shocked for two reasons. One because, OMG, Jennifer Coolidge! And two because she needed an over-the-top Mardi Gras dress delivered to New Orleans in, oh, about three days. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-103-07.jpg

Since Chris would "crawl through broken glass" for Jennifer Coolidge, he and the team tackled the challenge head-on. They shopped, crafted, glittered, and pulled out every drag queen trick in the book to pull it all together. Despite the short amount of time (and hot glue setbacks), Chris and the gang managed to get the look ready for its trip down south.mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-103-09.jpg

Alas, not everyone got to go to Mardi Gras. Between inviting Chris, Matt, and Christine down to her dungeon and offering them an 8-Ball to perk them up, Jennifer was a sheer delight. She ended up loving the outfit and even let Chris get to second base with her. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-103-15.jpg

In the end, Jennifer got the icy, sparkly, light-up-y costume of her dreams and many, many beads were thrown. I just hope all the Mardi Gras revelers were at least sober enough to appreciate how ridiculously awesome her costume was.

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