A Curve Ball

A Curve Ball

In Week 2, Shannon rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

It's the second week in this competition and I'm really getting used to the idea that things aren't going to be going according to plan. We really do not know what to expect because a curve ball can be thrown at any time. For example: the first elimination everybody in the house predicted that Dom would be the first one to leave (myself included) but he wasn't. We were all taken aback by the fact that Sarah was the first to go. So now I feel that any and everything will happen. What an important lesson to learn.

I also enjoyed getting my new do! It wasn't a drastic change from what I had before but it was definitely an improvement. I was so happy that the agency's decision about my hair was appropriate to my personality. Now I'm being labelled "goth diva". I embrace it but I don't want to be limited to it. So I'm going to try and not get pigeon holed. Versatility is so important so I, as well as everyone else, have to be conscious of the fact that we can easily create stereotypes for ourselves. The ones in the house who are able to break that will get the furthest in the competition (and I'm going far in this competition).

Right after we got our new hair styles we had to model them. We had this really cool photo shoot with Sarah Silver. We all go to fly..... Literally. I had such a great time and I love my picture. I only wish I could've gotten more. My shoot was very quick because Sarah got what she wanted from me rather easily. I obviously can't complain about the fact that the photographer was satisfied with me right away, I just wish my shoot could've been longer.

The week was ended with the Heatherette fashion show. We all got to walk the catwalk in these extravagant amazingly detailed customs. I had a blast, but the panel thinks otherwise based on my performance. I had so much fun in that outfit but they felt my walk was a bit ordinary for such an ensemble.

They feel that I could be "SASSIER". So whatever the panel wants they will get. The flaws I had on the runway last week I fixed, and I can do it again. They had such positive things to say about my photo this week and I can do it and if I can get those same reactions with my runway walk then Ill be one happy gal. So that's my goal. Step it up on the runway and put myself in the top three again, it felt good there.

So I'm going back! I'm my hardest critic and if I meet my own expectations of myself then the panel will love me. It won't be a cake walk but im more than willing to practice my ass off. I'm here to learn and that's what I'm doing. I can't wait for next week.

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