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A Good Attitude

Jennifer answers's questions.

BRAVOTV.COM: This week was about getting over our some pretty rockin' what extent do you feel that models need to be fearless? During your career as a model you will be asked to do some crazy things and the only way to get through it is to face your fears head on. Being fearless will make you a great model and a great actor. Over my fifteen years of casting models for shoots, I have had to find models who could hang from a trapeze twenty feet over a very rough ocean, run naked with wild elephants, stand close to alligators, swim with dolphins, ride jetskis going 8o miles and hour, stand on someone's shoulder while slolam skiing, the list goes on and on.

The more you are willing to do, and approach it in a very positive way, the more a photographer will want to book you because they feel that you are capable of doing anything and delivering a good picture. A good attitude is probably the most important quality a model can have.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Stephanie? I really liked Stephanie! I was sad to see her leave so soon. I felt she only exceeded at the challenges that she felt comfortable with and didn't really go out of her comfort zone so much. If it wasn't Stephanie, she didn't know how to approach it or conquer it.
BRAVOTV.COM: At this point in the competition, what's the main thing these models need to keep in mind?

That the competition is getting really hard. As judges we are having a really difficult time deciding who to put up for the vote. The models really need to be aware that every little mistake they make at this point might cost them the competition.



I was so upset this week that Ben didn"t do well on the photoshoot. I really feel Ben could go all the way but he must put his best effort into every move right now. Sometimes he really gets into his head and that messes him up.


I loved the way he approached this challenge! He meditated and faced his biggest fears head on. He's a very special person, and someone the others could really learn from. Casey's pictures this week were my favorite.


I thought his attitude this week was much better. He embraced the panel's decision to cut his hair and didn't lose his confidence while hopefully losing the cockiness. However, i don't think he is as strong a model as the others.


She did her best given the fact that she was so sick. I feel with each week I am seeing more and more of Holly's personality. I didn't think she was strong enough to make it through this, but I am starting to believe otherwise. That was the only thing holding her back because she certainly has the looks to make it to week twelve.



She didn't bring it to the shoot this week. She certainly has been giving it her best effort lately, I don't know what happened in that tank. Her competition right now is really tough.


He approaches everything he does with a great attitude and does well with almost every challenge. I think his success is starting to show in some negative ways. He's becoming cocky. I think this also was a bit evident in his catwalk which was very much a "performance."


Brilliant attitude and approach! I hope he shows us that the catalogue king can transform into editorial. If it can be done- it would be Ronnie to prove it to us. It won't be easy but he is certainly listening and learning.


Shannon succeeds at every challenge. I was surprised that she did so poorly this week. I feel like we found her kryptonite. She is obviously not comfortable in water and is claustrophobic. That could have cost her the competition but thankfully she did well on the catwalk.

It's terrible to have to judge these kids based on one challenge that might involve everything they fear. I suppose that's what this is all about though. These kids better become fearless fast! Only five weeks left to go.

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