An Amazing Week

An Amazing Week

Casey recaps his favorite week so far.

This week was so amazing. I feel like it has just begun and its already over. We all got makeovers starting with getting our hair cut and getting waxed. At first I was a little standoffish about my hair but with the passing of each day I loved it more and more.

The photo - shoot this week was something I have never done before; hanging by wires in the middle of a courthouse across the street from the state capitol. I learned that you have to be mindful of all your extremities when taking a photo, especially when you are hanging from wires.

This whole week has been so awesome, but I think my favorite part of the week by far was doing a runway show with Heatherette. Once Richie Rich and Trevor walked into the room, I knew I was going to have fun. Their clothing was amazing, their energy was fantastic and I had the time of my life.

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