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Art School Matters, Dad!

Stephanie talks art and modeling.


The week has been unbelievable! It was art week! This is what I do! I don't think my excitement level fell below 'annoyingly giddy' all week.

This was my perfect week - I had so much fun! I just felt so instantly at home and comfortable as soon as we walked into Parsons and I smelt 'art school' everywhere - oil paint , charcoal, saw dust - these are the things I'm covered in daily back at home! I miss painting and working in the studios so it was really awesome to be back in that environment. So awesome, in fact that I got naked! Haha.

But really, I am so used to working with nude models in figure drawing and painting classes I was completely unphased when we walked in on the class working from the model, Mia. Last semester, I literally woke up every morning and worked from nine to noon from nude models in my figure painting class. So the concept is completely normal to me. I tried to explain to Holly and some of my other housemates who were kind of freaking out, that the model is simply a tool for the artists to use.

The nude model is studied and used like a still life and is not viewed sexually in any way. And actually, the artists live model is the original type of modeling - modeling in its first and classic form - so it was kind of cool that we were posing for artists - it kind of took us back to the basics. I wanted to get behind those easels so badly but it was definitely cool to see what it felt like to be on the other side.
The highlight of the week was by far the body paint and living art installations! Oh my god - it was so awesome! The experience of being completely covered head to toe in black, (wearing only pasties and the tinest G-string on the planet!) with that crazy corset and feather collar, the massive cape and 4 pound, 1 foot tall shoes bondage taped to my feet and walking through the crowd of people gathered on the street outside the gallery in indescribable.

I can not believe how amazing that was. I felt like this massive (I was almost 7ft!) mythic evil queen character out of a Matthew Barney film! I absolutely loved it! Walking in those shoes (especially downstairs) was incredibly difficult and I almost died and/or killed several bystanders about 9 times but I didn't fall during the performance! Mary Snook, the genius mastermind behind the whole thing was brilliant and she gave me the shoes as a souvenir after! Can't wait to wear those babies out on the town!

Being chosen as the centerpiece of the 'sculpture' was such an honor for me - I wanted it so badly! Those toe shoes we had to walk in for the challenge were ridiculous! We all looked like drunk chicks walking back from the bar, stumbling over the two guys supporting us on either side! I was hilarious! The body art and doing the living installation was the coolest thing I've ever done - I really can't describe how bizarre and amazing it was.
This whole week has been this fantastic whirlwind of everything I love about art and fashion melded into one - and its really just motivated me so much more. And then being in the top 3 this week on the catwalk - my first time up there was so exciting - I didn't even expect to win! Yay! It really made me happy because this week really let me show who I am and what I love and winning to me just shows that I did well this week not because I'm suddenly this amazing model but because I was so passionate about what we were doing. And that's cool!

Told you art school matters, Dad! Ha! Miss and Love to the Fam and Bisk!


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