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Back in the Bottom

Katy looks back on a busy week.


So, Aryn was eliminated, and off we go to Parsons creative arts school for live nude modelling-10 minutes each (I was terrified and anxious to try something new. Don the instructor gave positive feedback, only asking me to remember to lift my shoulders (because of nerves and intensity). Afterwards I felt great, liberated because I tried something new and I was proud of myself for not holding back. Even though my family may disagree, or nay not have each been able to take off there clothes for 12 art students, I know they gave me props for doing my job.

I saw the finished pictures after the 10 minutes and each one was so intimately drawn and delicately portrayed that my confidence boosted a little more. it showed that my body really is a work of art ( body as art was the challenge this week) and im proud to own it.

The next day, a photo shoot in Yonkers at Alder Mansion - 1920's era , beautiful hair and makeup fantastic clothes, Russ the photographer .... Freezing cold.... All the girls shot together with Perry we did a great job, Russ gave me very little direction, and he sat me near Perry who was the centrepiece, he constantly gave direction to Jacki, Holly and Shannon. I really connected with Perry, he had wonderful chemistry w/ everyone, was great to work with. We really pulled it off, and none of us got eliminated Jennifer starr was watching and said "we blew the boys out the water".

And then the next day, makeup took forever with Cory and Mary Shook for body paint, went to an art gallery to be live art instillations- so funny, we were supposed to be serious but Holly and Ben and I couldn't stop laughing 2 showers and \ ton of scrubbing to get all the paint off!

Today's theme was European Couture -- we used our body as a living art. My dress was a jelly fish, walking was limited, had to take baby steps, Kenny the stylist said I have the hardest dress to work with but I pulled it off (I thought about Geisha girls while on the catwalk). Apparently, the panel thought otherwise. Back in bottom three again panel said I was "easily distracted." How could they say I was distracted Russ never told me that. Obviously what goes around comes around -- America sees that I'm not distracted I've changed my diet Clay says I'm the hungriest in this competition. I honestly don't understand why nothing I do is good enough.



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