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Beautiful and Hot and Not a Model

Cory tells Katy the difficult truth.

I think it's important for models to take lessons from an acting teacher because it helps them in their modeling career. It helps them deliver editorial stories, it helps them sell clothes. By a movement, like with just a wave of the hand, they can tell a story, and that's something you learn in an acting class, or through experience. I think these models may want to take acting classes because they want to do well in TV commercial castings.

Katy is a beautiful girl, a hot girl, great girl next door look, but she's not a model. She's very sweet, she's just not a model. She should definitely be looking into pursuing some kind of acting role.

I feel that Ben unintentionally threw Ronnie under the bus because he did so poorly with his runway walk and choreography that, because of his immunity he would have been put up instead of Ronnie. Again, Ronnie has that "All American" look going for him, but he also needs to change if he wants to transfer into the editorial world.

Casey is a beautiful boy and it's great that he's got a lot of emotions, but he's got to step it up when it comes to modeling. He's a great person and he's got a true insight on himself, but he needs to translate that somehow into the modeling. Perry is a player, he knows what's going on around him all the time. He is calculating, and I think he's capable of going all the way.

Frankie needs to change. His look has got to change and he's got to be less Fabio, more into a mainstream model. I love Shannon. I love her personality, I love her look. I love the way she stands up for herself.

I think Stephanie has a laissez fair attitude toward this competition, although she excels in tasks that interest her overall -- she has a very blah attitude about the whole thing. Holly's just doing so well. She only needed on kick in the butt and she hasn't looked back since. She's doing so well, she keeps improving every single week.

Jacki's a little annoying. She's a player like Perry is, and I can't stand that she uses the word "like" so much. She and Frankie can't stop. She's doing well, even though she's even-keeled. She doesn't progress, she doesn't digress, she needs to step it up if she's going to make a difference in this competition.

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