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Better Than Yesterday

Shannon shares highlights from the week.


catwalk_ep04_shannon.jpgEntering the fourth week I didn't know what to expect in terms of a "theme." I didn't know what to expect at all!

Our very 1st assignment of the week was to get entirely naked and be drawn in the nude... seriously! Well the whole world has seen me in a thong, they may as well see the rest! All joking aside it was quite the experience. Having to stay perfectly still for ten minutes straight is a strange feeling. But I did it with no problem and I had a blast. I also got some wonderful drawings as a result which I really appreciate.

So we're down one more person, Aryn is gone and I wish her all the luck in the world. But now there are 11 of us and we have to continue to compete. Our photo shoot for the week was with Russ Flatt. The location was this stunning, mansion that must have been haunted! The theme was a sort of 1920's lounge environment. I feel such an affinity with the 1920's and it was so easy for me to throw myself into the shoot. There were two shoots actually: one for the girls and one for the boys but the boys got to choose one girl to join their shoot and they chose me. I felt privileged to have been in both shoots because the more practice I get the better I'll become. It was so easy to work with the boys. I'm actually a breeze to work with regardless of who or how many people I'm performing with. The pictures turned our terrific! Looking at myself in those pictures I feel like I'm looking at my great grandmother. They're realistically old fashioned and remind me of my family history. I love those pictures and I always will. It really was a fantasy shoot for me. Of course our assignments are right on top of each other and the very next morning we were in for another surprise.... Body paint! So we all stripped down (again) and we got covered in paint from head to toe to create living art installation piece at a gallery here in NYC. It was very cool! The body paint took about 5 hours for me alone and the show was about 30 minutes. So I hope the audience appreciated how intricate and meticulously crafted our living art was. Getting the body paint off however was a nightmare. I've taken numerous showers and I still find paint in places there should not be any paint. But it was worth it because I had so much fun. That was definitely something I'd enjoy doing again.

And in grand "make me a supermodel" tradition our week was ended with the catwalk. Our outfits were crazy to say the least; they were works of art, literally. I felt like this other-worldly creature in my greek goddess meets blade-runner ensemble. It made me want to set that catwalk on fire. Which must have worked because I made the top three again and I'm very proud of myself.

I love delivering and giving the audience something special to watch. It's my job to get peoples attention and make them interested in what I'm wearing. Being a model is being a sales-person without words. And I must be doing a good job of getting people interested because the panel has been consistently satisfied with my work. But I'm putting myself on any high-horse just yet. I'm happy with my work but I always look for ways to improve.


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