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Bodies as Art

Ronnie's proud of this week's work.


Dear Supermodel Gods that be, This week began with a cold and sad moment for me, Aryn was voted off. Aryn became like the little sister I never had and her elimination really got to me, but I was forced to shake it off or else it would have negatively affected my performance. The moment I let my guard down and expose weakness is when the competition will attack like vultures feasting on the remains of a freshly killed wilder beast.

This week was all about using our bodies as art. I lost my robe and posed nude for an art class at Parsons, stepped into a 1920's themed group portrait that our photographer Russ created at a breathtaking and haunted mansion, got covered from head to toe in black body paint by Mary Shook and The Make Up Forever team and became part of a live art installation in a Soho gallery, and last but not least I did my little turn on the catwalk styled by Kenny famous and most humble stylist to the Spice Girls!!

My performance this week was focused, solid and much improved. The panel complimented us in saying that we are all improving and making their job of picking the bottom three increasingly more difficult. This larger than life chess game has only just begun. Pawns are being captured while the models that pose the greatest threat are being exposed. I am slowly being recognized as a threat, but soon the competition will realise that Ronnie Kroell plays to win and that he takes no prisoners.
Don't be fooled by the 'Cheesy' smile my friends because there is more to me than meets the eye. As I have said, what you see is what you get, but what the others don't see can and will hurt them.... (insert my evil laugh here). I wish my best mate Jessie were here as I miss his dark humour.

Christian, I hope school is going well and that the ladies are flocking to you. Julie I miss you and please give my nephew a bear hug for me. Ken your Christmas gift has been a valuable tool that I thank you. Brother H "Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard"... 4+1 keep up the great work and know my heart is with you, Mr Mayor remember to wash your hands and I trust that all of Boystown is safe and sound in them. Grandma Mella think happy thoughts for spring and the fun we will have. Dad you are one of a kind and have my deepest respect, say hello to the guys at Northbrook Garage.

Mom as always you are my hero, and Gary although you are my stepdad there is nothing 'Step' about our relationship. Your guidance and support over the years has been patient, kind and that of a true father and I am proud to be your son. I'm in this to win it and will not settle for anything less.


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