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Catwalk Mania

Debbie talks runways and Fashion Week!

It is fashion week in New York City! It is absolutely impossible to describe what it feels like to walk down the runways in one of the world's biggest fashion capitols, for some of the hottest fashion designers. A great model will book up to twenty-five shows a market. It is a crazy two weeks of castings, fittings, and events, but when you get up on that stage... it is just unreal. This week the models got their first small taste of what really goes on behind the scenes. They went on some castings, saw a few runway shows - the boys did Scott French at the tents, and the girls did Form by Jerry Tam. They were able to talk to some of the other models, and see the pros at work. For some of these models, this is the only taste they will ever have of New York Fashion Week, and for some it may just be the start to something amazing - but for all of them, this week was an incredible experience.

Now the models are starting to realize what is at stake. Some are starting to really step it up, others are resting on having had a few good weeks, and some are starting to panic and they are choking themselves. At this point in the competition, the models need to realize that being a supermodel is not just about a good runway walk or a pretty picture. It is about making people look twice, about making people want to look at you. It is a certain quality that is impossible to describe, and even more difficult to teach. They need to bring that out in themselves. You almost have to wear your heart on your sleeve in this business. That is what gets you noticed in this sea of beautiful people.

Aryn- I was sad when Aryn was voted off. She was improving every week, and I felt like she was one of the models who appreciated and was benefitting from this experience the most. Of all the girls, her walk was the strongest. I think that if she works hard she will be able to work well in this industry. She should go to Australia or South Africa to work on her book. Jay- I am going to miss this boy. He improved his walk every week, listened and took criticism better than anyone. He was shy, but he had such a great, funny, sweet personality. It was a shame he could not bring it out in pictures, because he really brought it to the catwalk the last week. I wish him all the luck in the world.

I have a training session with the models every week, even if you do not see it on the show, and these kids are working on their walks (if they are smart) all week long. Because I am not a judge, just an expert/teacher, I see them in a different light than the panel does. I see how hard most of them are working and I really want to help them improve and see them do well. Each week some of them get stronger, although some are getting cocky and seem to think they already know everything. Some were so bad at the beginning and while they have improved, it is still not good enough.

This week was all about the catwalk, and we really put them to the test.

Ben- I am such a proud mama! I was beginning to wonder if he could ever loosen up. I had seen it in practice, but never on the stage. And, as he walked down the catwalk, I did not look at his walk, I just thought, "wow, he looks gorgeous." I did not see anything but how great he looked in a kind of boring outfit. I thought he was great.

Casey- Casey works so hard that his improvement is noticeable, but his walk is still disjointed. I think he may need to change his body a bit with ballet and strengthening exercises to achieve a more even walk. But, his walk was clearly the worst at the beginning, and he has come a long way.

Frankie- Frankie finally let go of the whole Fabio machismo thing he had going on, but now he is looking a bit stiff. He just needs to figure out how to relax. The judges did not seem to like him this week. I thought, based on his improvement, he did pretty well.

Holly- Holly has the most beautiful face. Her walk is very cute, and in training we worked on that. In this runway show I think she toned it down, and her beauty really came through. Holly and Ben were my favorites this week.

Jacki- I thought Jacki was one of the worst this week. She is working very hard at doing a more fashion street walk instead of her usual one note sexy walk, but she hasn't quite figured it out yet. She looked slouchy, and she really needs to work on her facial expression.

Katy- Katy is slacking. She walks well, but she did not take direction on the catwalk this week as well as last week. It was supposed to be a high fashion N.Y. street walk, and she gave catalogue poses. Also, her skin is not looking good, and she is in competition with 10 other models whose skin is perfect. She should be begging for a dermatologist and she is not.

Perry- Perry is getting a big head. His walk is still the same as the beginning, not bad, but he could make it great. He needs to work on his facial expression. He is giving me arrogance, there is not any emotion in his eyes.

Ronnie- Ronnie is a train wreck, but I love him. He lost the catalogue walk and exchanged it for "all over the place". He is trying too hard and over thinking it. He needs to relax. In rehearsal, he did better, but he lost it when it came time for the real show.

Shannon- I have no idea who Shannon is. Her walk is improving, but I do not see any personality on or off the runway. It is week five, and I know nothing about her.

Stephanie- Stephanie needs to loosen up! Her walk is too fast, too bouncy, and her expression is blank. She needs to bring the graceful dancer in her onto the runway.

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