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Clearing My Head

Ben gets back on track after a tough week.


The beginning of this week started off kind of in a bad way. First, Aryn didn't come back from the panel like I thought she should've. Then I called my wife and she wasn't feeling well and I think the separation is starting to hit more, and finally at the end of the first day, I had to pose nude, in front of more people than I have ever wanted to be naked in front of.

I see how it is involved with modeling. It was outside of my comfort zone but I got over it and just dropped my robe. I took that night to clear my head from what had happened that day so I wouldn't be affected for the rest of the week.

That next day we pulled up to our photo shoot location which was a nice mansion just north of Manhattan. We go in and meet with Nikki and she tells us how today is all about art and we are all pieces of a puzzle that need to fit together. Next we are introduced to Russ our photographer. He explained that if he wasn't feeling like he wanted them to, then he would pull them from the shoot. So, he divided it into guys and girls.
Shannon was chosen to be in our photo and I think she has the look being portrayed the best. So we got into position for our photo, and we took a few shots.

Then Russ pulled Casey and Jay out of the photo and we reshot. I was glad I was able to follow direction and be comfortable enough to stay in the shoot. I learned that even the smallest movement can make a big difference in the picture.

So the next day was supposed to be working out with Clay and catwalk practice with Debbie, but we found out that there was a different agenda. We pull up to Make up Forever and meet Mary Shuck who is famous for her body paintings that have been featured in Vogue. I was really excited to have body paint, it was a new and cool experience. I was covered head to toe in black paint, and to accent the paint, they put hair wrapped around my body with silver rings to pull together an extremely unique look.

So all the guys and girls are finally done, and we go to an art gallery in SOHO to be a living sculpture. It was really interesting because we walked in one at a time and Steph was like our mother when we walked into the cape. Then throughout the display we made slow and subtle movements. I got more comfortable as time went on and at the end we destroyed each other, went back under the cape and walked out with black veils on. I walked away that day with a new look on how modeling and art coincide.
At last catwalk eliminations were here and we had to put to use what we had learned that week about our body as art, the clothes rolled in and I immediately spotted the camouflage jacket on the rack. Turns out it was already chosen for me by the stylist. When it came time for the catwalk I felt confident and hoped that all the practicing I had done that week would pay off.

When all was said and done I was not put into the bottom three, but the panel could tell it was an uneasy week for me. I saw Jay and Casey being in the bottom because of the photo shoot and I wasn't surprised by Katy's spot in it either. I feel for all of them because I know first hand how bad it feels to be in the bottom three.


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