Clothes Hanger

Clothes Hanger

Holly discusses her new look, and a tough panel.

Week two started with our new looks! Everyone got a new hairstyle. I think I got the most dramatic change! I was really scared for them to cut it at first but it is a very fashionable haircut and looking back at the before picture, I realized my head looked like Pac man, a box basically. The next challenge for the week was a photo shoot with Sara Silver. This personally was very hard too. She wanted me to pose differently than the other girls mainly because my look is so different and not to mention we were hanging from what looked like a clothes hanger.

After this very eventful week it was time for the catwalk again. Which is exciting in itself, but then again 3 people will go up for the vote.Hetherette were our designers for this weeks catwalk which is so exciting! I love their clothes because I feel they are flea market inspired! Everything is just thrown together to make an outfit! If anyone knows Heatherette they know it all about having fun and that's exactly what we did!

The panel was very hard on me this week! They said my runway sucked, I had lack of emotion at the photo shoot and the part that really bothered me was when the panel said they don't think I see myself as a Super Model! That statement couldn't be truer. I have put years and years into this.Ive sent out pictures and pictures to agencies. Everyday I would be on the phone with agencies in all the major cities! I've dealt with more rejection in modelling than everyone here put together.Ive heard you are to commercial, you aren't right for us, you need to loose weight, my first agency in Miami let me go after after six months my face was burnt so I couldn't model for awaile.All these things ive been through plus a lot more and I still haven't given up and I cant. I just wish the panel knew how bad I really want this and that my experience has come along with a whole lot of rejection.

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