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Competing Against Themselves

Cory draws the line between nudity and art. In working in a group, what's the most important consideration?

Really, the most important part is to focus and collectively accomplish the creation of an amazing outcome- be it a photo shoot, runway show, or art installation. Each individual has to think as part of a collective. If one person fails - it hinders the group. Nudity. Where is the line between tasteful and non-tasteful nudity?

If there is the active creation of art, then I believe that nudity is acceptable. Photo assignments like this are usually for fragrance campaigns and done very tastefully, and in that case, models are asked to cover up the controversial areas with either someone else's body or their own hands. If one is working with another models in this scenario, chemistry is essential. Your thoughts on Aryn?

I think Aryn is an amazing person with great model potential and a lucrative future. Do I think she is a Supermodel? No.

Now, onto this week's rundown.


I see that Ben is the kind of guy that needs to practice more than the others, but he eventually gets it. I don't blame him, he's new to all of this.


This kid has great potential because he has such a great look. He's sensitive, and there is nothing wrong with that. That is, however, one of the reasons he did so poorly this week.  He has to learn how to let things go.


He's doing okay, but he needs to either show me he's as great as he thinks -- or someone else is going railroad him.


Gorgeous! What a difference from last week! Great job on the catwalk.


She owned the catwalk. She did a good job on throwing the inhibitions out the door for the nude posing. She's growing, but she shouldn't get too comfortable, she has some stiff competition.

Jay --

Bottom three again. That's tough.


I love Katy's tenacity. She is a beautiful girl, but I'm just not sure she's a Supermodel.


I believe that this kid is not competing against anyone else but himself and he has the highest standards.


The radiant smile matches the personality with this one. He is consistently learning every week. The rigid pose that he did at the end of the runway worked to his advantage. I hope next week he does just as well if not better on the catwalk. It's the only thing left for him to conquer.

Shannon- Sublime! The legs on this girl go on forever! She is letting herself be molded into something really special. I love her attitude in life. As with Perry, Shannon is competing against herself.


This was her week! She nailed everything! She is an artist and easily translated all tasks. I expect her to deliver just as much next week. Let's see.

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