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Competition Heats Up

Frankie opens up about missing his girlfriend.

I miss my girlfriend so much.

Went to Reiss store and talked about the chemistry, did photo shoot w/ Reiss gear with other models. Started off with boys and girls then had more than two people at a time. Ben and Katy won the challenge- 2nd day for most chemistry.

Photographer was Diana Scheunumann. She was great. I worked with Holly, the worst shoot of my life, kind of being in bed with a blow up doll, my part of the shoot was awesome and Holly was terrible of course. Sexy photo shoot.

Workout with Clay and he told Cory and the camera's that I was slacking and not working hard today, I hope that doesn't affect me when I go up against the panel.

Chemistry runway walk w/ Holly- the walk was good, but there was no chemistry between us(of course). The panel tore me apart telling me I had no chemistry what so ever on the runway or in my photo shoot. Holly is really lucky that I didn't blast her out to panel about being drunk. That could have bit me in the ass.

Holly, Jay and Ben got the bottom 3, I got saved but was in the bottom 4.

Competition is getting intense.

So the week started w/ Dominic getting eliminated and everybody being happy about it but I didn't think he was that bad. Ben and Katy won a competition for having the most chemistry during a photo shoot w/ Reiss clothing. Our photo shoot challenge was to get intimate w/ someone in bed and have chemistry.

Of course, I got paired with someone I don't like and it showed. It was hard for me because I could not stop thinking about my girlfriend, man I miss her sooo much, she's the best thing I have in my life. Holly being drunk and acting immature about me being partnered and working with her doesn't help. My picture came out good but there was no chemistry. Our runway walk we had no chemistry again, so I was in the bottom 4 but Holly, Jay and Aryn got up for the vote. Something halfway decent came out of it.

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