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Completely Different

Perry recaps the week, and some behind-the-scenes happiness.

So, I'm Back!

I just want to say thank you to America for believing in me. This week was amazing, I mean absolutely incredible. It wasn't shown on-air, but we got to make phone calls, so I called my Mom. I was so happy to hear her voice and hear her tell me she was so proud. It brought me back to reality - I love you Mom.

We went upstate to a Ski Lodge to do our photo shoot. I even forgot we were modeling; I just wanted to hit the slopes. We met our photographer Dennis, who was a blast to work with. Again, we were in partners.... So Ronnie and I were assigned together. Ronnie's and my personality are completely different, so I don't know if it would work well, but it did, and we ended up getting the best photo of the week.


Our catwalk had a turntable at the end of it, and we had to pose every time it went around. I got top three this week! Shout outs to Ladi, Bimzo, Yosh, Trent and Rone - my boys.

Love you babe - God is Love

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