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Cory Responds!

You've got questions... Cory's got answers.

Cory flipped through a few of your questions and sent us a couple of choice responses. Check 'em out!


JD wrote: I don't understand the comments about Holly's hair. Her cut is edgy and adorable and makes her stand out. The bob with bangs is a up and coming trend. Look at Katie Holmes!

Cory: I also think the haircut that Holly had was edgy but I don't think it worked for her -- especially if you saw her in person.
Gwen wrote: I was dismayed when I heard some of the models being told that they had to lose some more weight. I was also dismayed when one of the female models was told that the size of her breasts might be a problem for her. One wouldn't think that this would be a problem since a lot of women are getting implants to make theirs larger. No wonder the general public has image problems. We have to many people thinking that they need to be a stick thin person or they don't have a perfect body.

Cory: We are looking for a Supermodel. We at New York Model Management cater to our clients that range from editorial girls/boys who are in issues of Italian Vogue to catalog clients from all over the country. Supermodels must proof themselves by showing up in editorial spreads of the very top fashion magazines and that's what we are looking for in this show.

Aunt Vicki wrote: It's okay to cry! Hang in there sweet Aryn and don't be afraid to "let it all hang out". And remember what I always say....Go Big or Go Home! We love ya!!!!

Cory: You should be proud of her. She is a very sweet girl with an appetite to learn.

Sandra wrote: OMG PERRY- He's soooooo hot. he's got what it takes model hot, boyfriend hot sexy hot HOT HOT HOT.

Cory: I totally agree

Carol wrote: Love you input on the show. I hope the next episode is not all about showing skin and gets a little deeper. I know modeling is more than just showing off bodies. It's about the clothes and how you wear them. My personal favorite is Ben. I'd like to see his confidence build more but I think that will come with time. I think he has a GREAT look.

Cory: I share your thoughts about Ben but I have concerns. He has to break out of Correction Officer mode and get into the modeling mode. I know it's not easy but he has got to apply himself. Great point about Fashion and you are right. It's not all about showing off skin. Stay tuned and see what's in store for these contestants. Thank you for the compliment.
SueB wrote:Cory, Thanks for this blog, I am interested in what goes on behind the scenes and how you make your decisions. My money is on Stephanie!

Cory: I really can't talk much about behind the scenes but I can tell you that every week gets harder to deliberate. These are great kids with amazing stories. When you watch the deliberations we are pretty open with our comments. We don't hold back.

Kim wrote: Cory baby, Love watching you. Smooches

Cory: Smooches back.

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