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Cory Responds Again!

Cory answers your questions about... everything!

FABIO WROTE: Hello Cory, I just want you to know that I think you're absolutely adorable and I watch the show just to see you. If you're ever on the west coast and in Los Angeles, feel free to look me up and have dinner at my restaurant. Regards, Fabio Montijo

CORY: Thank you for the very nice compliment

ALLAN WROTE: I like this show. It gives aspiring models out there what to expect and that it's not all glamour. However, I do not like the elimination process. It is very flawed. The show airs on Bravo, a cable channel with women and gay men as main audience. Look at the remaining models, three women and all men. Of course every woman that were put up for the vote were eliminated. That's because the viewers want to see male eye candy!

Cory: Allan- We don't base our decisions on popularity. We put them up because of their inability to accomplish tasks properly. America votes for who stays in. 

TRISCHA WROTE: Cory, I completely disagree with the others - that cutting Frankie's hair was a mistake. It helped move him to the next level and in evolving to be a real model. (To focus more on his expressionism - even he admitted it in the show) It's exactly what helped bring him to the top 2 instead of at the bottom or even middle. What an amazing difference! I do agree that Casey's hair is fine. Fortunately, Casey is extremely mature for his age and has moved passeed many of the barriers Frankie had/has not. Along with many others - you know he will go far! You all did a great job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sincerely, Trisha

CORY: Trisha, we have no plans in cutting Casey's hair and thank you for realizing that Frankie needed a change.
JANA WROTE: Shannon looked amazing on the catwalk--so elegant. My top two are Holly and Shannon.

Cory: Jana- Shannon exudes such confidence in the catwalk. I hope that someday you get to see this in person while she is walking in the tents.


Lets be honest, I think that the only reason that the girls on this show are getting voted off is because the audience for this show is female for the most part (& gay men). Stephanie had a strong look for modeling (much more so than Frankie). Alas, I too am guilty of voting for the eye candy... Certainly makes for a more interesting hour! With that said, at this stage of the competition I believe that the strongest contenders are Holly, Shannon, and Casey. I love BEN, but if I were looking at this from a business point of view he just wouldn't cut it as of yet. Actually, Shannon is my top pick. We have seen her look before in models like Michele Hicks, Carolyn Murphy, and Shalom Harlow. The thing about her look is that she's not striking at first, but at a second glance she looks beautiful and makes the clothes look whimsical. Holly is a close second, but it is her commitment to her fiance and career that I would question.

CORY: Michelle- I truly enjoyed reading your comments. You obviously know about this industry. Your take on Shannon is spot on. Shannon is a canvas that can look plain and boring at first glance but can be transform into beautiful sculptured art.
DIANA WROTE: I couldn't picture Frankie without his hair, but think he looks great with the cut. Good move. And, great stylist.

CORY: Diana- I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

MARILYN SCHMUCKY WROTE: I am shocked you put Perry up for a vote when the photographer said Shannon was the worst in the water tank. Perry's probblem with his animal should have evened them up and Perry should have been safe. 2 different bad performances, and you let Shannon slide by on hers. Are you giving credence to gossip? I'm disappointed Marilyn in Tampa, FL

CORY: At this stage we have to determine how the models do on all aspects of this competition. Perry was put up for the vote because his photo was just okay, his walk was just [something is missing here] and he had a " holier than thou" attitude. Shannon had a bad photo shoot, great catwalk and humble attitude. You call it.
MSZ WROTE: Ok this is my two cents as a viewer and as you say someone who's impact will decide the fate of the three you choose each week for the bottom. I'm trying hard not to assume that you judges have not already made up your mind as to who the winner is, but I truly beleive you have, even reading your comment it always leaning towards the same ones each week. I'm also a huge Frankie fan and has heard each week either the photographer or the fashion designer give him a good critique yet you seem to always have something negative to say, you cut his hair because he was too fabio, then please tell me how Casey is not. If it's I cant make you a supermodel then why are we even voting. Holly may appeal to you but I'm tired of her whinning and dont beleive for one moment in that dog eat world she would be able to handle the pressure like Tyson keeps saying. Open your eyes and MAKE a super model.

CORY: I assure you I don't have a preconceived idea of who is going to win this competition.

NICOLE WROTE: I also love Stephanie. I hope you could give her another channce to be a supermodel.

CORY: Nicole- I was very sad to see her go but I expect she will do very well in this industry.

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