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Cried My Eyes Out

Holly opens up about nerves in front of the panel.

Before you read this week's diary, we asked each of the models to send home a video Valentine, and here's what Holly came up with.


I cannot believe that it is week 6 already we are at the half way point!! I can't believe I'm here it is so crazy. This week was about story telling and acting. When I heard that my heart dropped. I can act but its one of those things that's outside of my comfort zone.

At our photo shoot, I didn't know what to expect. I thought maybe a commercial but it wasn't -- we were divided into three teams. They were angry, happy and a cheater. I was chosen to do a happy along with Frankie and Ronnie. I thought it was the hardest one because we had to be happy and not cheesy.

Our photo shoot was so funny -- Ronnie and I were engaged and Frankie was in love with me and we didn't know it. Ronnie and I had so much fun together - we did get a little frisky, but we were both laughing hysterically. After the photo shoot, Jonathan the photographer chose his top three, for the worst and the best. He chose me as one of the top 3, I was expecting that considering we had so many experienced actors in the house.

We got to choose partners for the catwalk, so Stephanie and I chose each other. Our theme was hero and villain. I was so excited - we got the most theatrical so we knew we had to stand out. We got our catwalk and skit down and were excited to show the panel. I was the pure one and she was the devil.

We were both really nervous at panel -- I was so sad to hear that she was picked for the bottom three, gosh she is my best friend in the house. She makes this place so much more lively and she plans all of our party's -- including our huge valentine's day party, I hope and pray she doesn't go home. I was so happy to hear that I got third best this week!!. I really didn't see that coming overall this has been a learning experience. We all had so much fun this week, we had our valentine's day party, and a huge surprise. We had video messages from our significant others. I cried my eyes out but it was so good to see and hear his voice. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day and birthday. I love and miss you more everyday. I will see you soon sexy!

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