Dear Supermodel Gods

Dear Supermodel Gods

Ronnie appeals to higher powers.


Dear Supermodel Gods that be,

Our week started out with a larger than life photo shoot right in the middle of Times Square baby! All eyes on us!!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined being part of such an amazing experience. What a rush!! Although it was a challenge to work in the freezing cold, I was happy to work with Lee and proud of my performance.

Next, it was on to what we thought was going to be a "look-see", but rather it was a challenge for us to look-see deeper inside ourselves. Tyson greeted us under the Manhattan Bridge with a roaring bonfire; he proceeded to explain to us that this was a day of shedding old skin and new beginnings. He welcomed us to throw items into the fire, I began with throwing my conservative neck tie into the flames as it represents all the limits and constraints that I have ever put on myself.

Eventually I fought off my fear and found myself in front of the fire in my tighty whities, cold, vulnerable and ready to be moulded into a true supermodel.

The transformation process has begun and my guards are slowly being broken down. Walking the catwalk and having the judges call me "cheesy" was the best compliment I have ever received to be honest, it seems that I try and over compensate for my lack of confidence and confidence in this industry is key. Without it the road leads back home paved with disappointment. I have the look, I have the heart, and I have the desire, but now it is time to simply trust in myself.

I have survived the first round of eliminations, but that does mean that I get to relax. If anything it means that I have to become faster, smarter, and stronger tomorrow than I am today. I am thankful to the panel for their belief in my potential for growth and next week - it is on!! I miss my family and friends back home in Chicago but as much as I love them I hope not to see them for a few more months. I am having the time of my life on this show and I can wait to prove through my hard work that I want and deserve this more than anyone in the house. There's a distraction, but watch what happens..

Make Me A Supermodel


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