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Delightfully Potent

Ronnie lives it up in The Big Easy.

This week was about the Supermodel lifestyle, and we were off to New Orleans!! Traveling is my favorite part of being a model as each trip is a new adventure. Being on a plane makes me see how small I really am, also how strong my voice can be if it needs to be. They're so many opportunities out there to get involved with but you have to choose what speaks to you. But this week my heart was warmed by the Habitat for Humanity and the opportunity to assist Cherrie -- a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

Cherrie's ability to smile is very inspiring. I had fun hammering nails, sawing wood and using my hands to do my part. An experience that will remain clear and vivid in my memory.

Our photo shoot and catwalk revolved around the culture of New Orleans. I found shooting in the cemetery was calming, although working with Shannon was a challenge, I am very pleased with my pictures, especially the ones of Ben, Perry and myself. This week was a challenge because I don't have a hard, strong, goth look. I gave it my best effort and had fun with it. My greatest achievement this week at panel where I put aside my inhibitions spoke my mind and successfully defended my self and my performance. I'm sure I shocked a few people, including my self.

But damn it feels good. My work is far from over and I have more to learn but yet again I find my self in the bottom two, and turn to America for support. America knows who I am and they know what I stand for, but I cannot say the same for Shannon.

Perry finds himself safe now but the ablity to give only one look will catch up to him sooner than later. The others may win more battles but the war isn't over and I intend to win. Thank you New Orleans for your hospitality, the food was amazing, the music was beautiful and the "hurricanes" were delightfully potent... ha ha watch what happens.


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