Don't Be Too Satisfied

Don't Be Too Satisfied

Jacki talks about getting too comfortable, and looking to the future.

Coming out of your comfort zone is the theme for this week. I think about the fears in the past that I have faced and they just make me stronger. This is what I am hoping for this week. So, a snake. A SNAKE! When I hear snake, I think of rattle, hissing, fangs and desert. Not cute yellow Lemon! Dude, my Dad has pimp shoes to go with fly suits that look just like Lemon! What a cool experience, a lot harder than it seemed.

I have been thinking about all the thousands of people that auditioned for this show from all over, and how lucky I am to be here. I'm working extremely hard but it has to be harder. I have toughened up a lot his week, I will not let anyone bring me down. I guess I walk better in 20 degree weather after all, because my catwalk put me in that darn chopping block! I don't blame anyone but myself, I need to step things up.

One thing I could have done differently is not becoming too satisfied. I was satisfied with my 'mediocre' performance last week. Because I was not in the top and not in the bottom. I know I am stronger than the bottom and so does panel, I let them down this week. They expect more out of me, because they know what I am capable of, they have seen it. I pray that I can bounce back from the bottom straight to the top.

My best days are in front of me, not behind me. A Supermodel needs to have a positive attitude towards everyone they encounter. Really, I think more people should try to be more positive. That is one thing about me, I have a great attitude and I'm professional. I pray this is not my time to go. America, you have so much to still see in me.


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