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Down to the Wire

Tyson sizes up the remaining models.

This week was hard. Shannon went home, but I felt like Shannon didn't really care anymore. It was like she knew she messed up, but was like, "Meh! Whatever! I'm over this, I'm ready to go."



Ben did exceptionally well! He seems to have caught on, but I don't know - was it in time? Is it too late? He seems to have caught it, but how long can he keep it? That's the question.



Holly didn't do so well. She's put on some weight, and it's affected her appearance. She had a skull cap on for the photo, and it's hard for a woman to do that. I've never had to because I could always just shave my head.



What Perry did, to me -- that was artistic, that pops out. He's the epitome of what a supermodel should be. He's able to multi-task and take on different roles and be perfect in them. I don't think the rest of them could have pulled off what he did.



Ronnie was kind of dead in the eyes. To me, it was just alright. It wasn't like, "Wow!" When we saw Ben's and Perry's, that factor was there, and at this stage of the game that's what we need.

On set, it is a little tense, but it's not that bad. You can see who can handle it and who can't, and I just don't think Holly's handling it that well. The most surprising thing about judging this competition is that a lot of them think they know what they're doing, and they really don't. It's tough.

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