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Fashion Week is Serious

It's crunch time for the models, and Tyson doesn't hold back.

Overall, the girls were very nervous, very scared and I think that when we're on our little catwalk, they think they're the shit, but when we took them out into the real world it scared them. I think they really got intimidated by the real fashion world.

They didn't do as well as I expected them to do. I know we only had 5 weeks to train with them, but I think I need to start going to their catwalk training more often because they need help.

The strongest, to me, was Holly. Jacki disappointed me -- I expected more from her, and Shannon was ok. With Shannon I expected her to be a diva and be good and really blow me away, and she didn't. Holly always steps up and comes out of it ok. Stephanie did ok.

The boys did pretty good. They started off stiff, but the boys were good on their third walk. If you watch the show you'll see that I'm yelling at them and telling them to relax and to not be so stiff. Ben did the best. I'm not really a Frankie fan. His attitude reminds me of Dominic. You have to wonder if people will want to be on a job with him.

Katy, instead of losing an inch, she's put on an inch. She's been going to the gym late at night and then after she's done she'll go eat peanut butter and bread. Girl, you're not going to lose any weight if you keep on doing that, especially late at night. I keep telling her, don't eat any carbs after six because you don't need them anymore, and I keep hearing she continues to do it.

Ronnie's in the bottom three because he didn't do so well, the designer didn't like him. Ronnie's very commercial, he's very Target, whereas Target is cool, those kids doing Target ads are getting paid, but I'm trying to take you to Gucci, to Yves St. Laurent, to the big designers. That's what being a supermodel is all about, working with the big designers. That's why he's in the bottom three for the first time.

Here's the complete rundown:

Ben did well, and the panel thought he won the challenge for the week.

Casey's ok.

Frankie reminds me of Fabio, just cheesy.

Holly's got it, but I don't know if she's got a thick evnough skin for this business.

Jacki's very swimsuit, she's stuck in that one, like, lingerie and swimsuit, that's what she is. Overall she's disappointing me. I thought she'd walk all over everybody, but as this thing keeps going she's getting weaker in my eyes instead of stronger.

Katy should be an actress. I'm not sure why the voters keeps saving her.

Perry can win the whole thing if he stays focused.

Ronnie is very catalogue. He's a catalogue kid.

Shannon, I don't know, the jury's out on her. I can't really figure her out.

Stephanie is my sleeper, but I need her to start stepping up for her to even make a difference in this thing.

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