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For the Both of Us

Amanda talks about her close friend, Gabe, leaving.

This week’s photo shoot was an underwater shoot. I was so excited for this because I just did my first underwater shoot about a month ago. So I feel like I have an edge over the competition this week. It was so cold outside that day and I was really scared that the pool would be freezing as well, but it was actually really hot. I didn’t want to get out! This shoot was by far the most fun. Howard (the photographer) was amazing. He had great direction and was very easy to work with. I feel very, very good about my performance. Howard said I did great so I’m confident I’ll get a great picture.

Nicole came the next day and gave us our books, and I am shocked! I LOVE my picture so much. It’s my favorite by far out of all the rest of my pictures in my book. Hopefully the judges will agree.

On catwalk day, Tyson and Nicole said we weren’t done with the “elements.” The men would be simulating ice and the girls would be fire.

When the stylists put me in my dress, I was super scared because it had a very long train and was extremely hard to walk in. But I rocked it out and at the end of the day I was safe. I can’t believe I made the top 10! I’ve accomplished so much since I’ve been here. I’m very proud of myself.

However, someone who is very close to me left. Gabe and I connected as really close friends and he got eliminated. I’m still shocked, but I guess the judges were unable to see what I saw.  He’s going to make it so far in the modeling world regardless though. But it hurts to have such a close friend leave. I’m going to be working doubly as hard now for the both of us.

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