Get It Or Fake It!

Get It Or Fake It!

Just like actors, models must leave their inhibitions at the door.

Models need to adapt to all situations. I don't care if their counterparts are animals, children, or other models. Chemistry is something that happens naturally and if it doesn't, then it can be faked. Models must be open-minded to anything that comes their way in any assignment.

Models have to approach jobs as actors do and leave any inhibitions at the door. They should become the characters that they are asked to portray. I felt that this week it was accomplished by the "Perry- Casey" pairing and the "Stephanie-Jacki" pairing. Isn't it ironic that the same sex teams did such a great job? They put their sexuality aside and kicked ass!

We said goodbye to Dominic this week, and I think his intensity overshadowed his modeling potential. You would think that a DJ would have more rhythm to bring to his catwalk. You would think...but let's get to the models who stayed.

Casey- Bravo! (No pun intended). Talk about getting into the role! I'm interested to see if the photos are a result of Perry's influence or of Casey learning how to model. That said, Casey really has an AMAZING face.

Perry- He does it again! Great photo and creative catwalk. Perry is a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

Katy- She is trying so hard and I love her for it. Kudos to you Katy for heating up the set with Ben. It went beyond chemistry with you two.

Ben- Having been in the bottom 3 last week pushed Ben to realize that he needs to step out of his comfort zone. He clearly accomplished this with Katy. They both want this and the result was a pleasant surprise.

Jay- He just isn't bringing anything to the photos and now his catwalk isn't looking that hot. He better step it up!

Aryn- This week was about Chemistry. Aryn had very little of that with Jay on set. She should not let anyone affect her performance.

Shannon- I think that everyone is now understanding why I like this girl. The edge in her character is always portrayed in her photos. She has a decent walk but needs a little improvement. I LOVE what she did with Ronnie this week on the shoot. Now that's, chemistry!

Ronnie- I respect this kid for having such an open mind and truly evolving every week. The only thing he has going against him is his inability to conquer the catwalk.

Stephanie- Like Perry, a force to be reckoned with in this competition. She brought all of herself this week and did a great shoot with Jacki -- a shoot that really was inspired by the artist in her. The catwalk was a short play that I couldn't keep my eyes off.

Jacki- She did great again this week. The photo with Stephanie speaks for itself and their catwalk was so much fun to watch. I wonder, though, if Jacki is getting just a little too cocky.

Frankie- He let his feelings get in the way of his job and the consequence was just blah! The lack of chemistry between Frankie and Holly was apparent. I'm disappointed because these are 2 strong contenders.

Holly- What a beautiful face but it takes more than that to make a Supermodel. It's also about attitude and professionalism. She, along with Frankie, needed to leave any problems between them at the door and accomplish what could have been the best photo.

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