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Shannon cool attitude doesn't mean she isn't working hard.


Theres so much to write about this week I don't even know where to begin!

This week was entirely about catwalk. New York Fashion week catwalk to be specific. An amazing opportunity that I felt prevailed to be a part of, in a way this week was a realization of a dream. I walked in a fashion show for Form and I loved it. The panel seems to think I underperformed and didn't walk my best.

The panel also thinks that the entire house was a little cocky about even being in NY fashion week in the first place and we used that as a reason to not try our best. Well, I can't speak for everybody in the house but that was not the case for me. They think that I'm trying to coast by -- which simply is not true. Just because I don't get nervous doesn't mean I don't care about my work.

I love the catwalk with a passion and I walk on it with conviction. 


What I realize is that for most models, lack of comfort is an issue but I may be a bit too comfortable and if I'm not conscious of the mechanics of my body then my BAD habits will kick in. We're so often told not to over think it while we're performing, but until I know how to alter those mechanics permanently -- then I'll have to think about body positioning right on the catwalk in the heat of the moment. It's a challenge to change something you've been doing your entire life.

But I'm up to the task. I came here to learn and to improve and that's what I'm going to do. This week I was placed in the mediocre category and I didn't like it at all. Mediocrity is not an option for me. I cant wait for next week to begin so the panel will see me fulfilling my potential.

Regardless, this week still was a blast. We got to be in the audience at several other fashion shows which I used to study the models. It was refreshing to see how imperfect many of there walks were, I felt like running up on stage with them. I loved watching those shows, but I would much rather be a performer than a spectator. It puts things in perspective. To view them at a different angle.

Although the fashion shows were just a few of the highlights of the week, New York Models management gave us all new outfits from Bloomingdales, Good stuff too. So that definitely put a smile on my face. Also we learned how to box! And I loved it! Ive always had an infactuation with boxing so it was great to learn. This week was definitely intense but I'm game for more. I always am.

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