Heatherette Rules!

Heatherette Rules!

Stephanie declares her love for one team of designers.

Week two has been crazy! I could not believe it when we found out Sarah was eliminated!! I lover that girl, she was really fun and I still can't figure out what made her get the least amount of votes - that really showed me that anything can happen when it comes to elimination. They didn't cut my hair off!! I was so worried they were going to chilli bowl me at the salon but I'm really happy with what they did. I kind of wish they'd given me extensions but they cut it a little shorter - but I like how 70's it feels. The photo shoot with Sarah was crazy!! The harness was a fun challenge and I loved the long extensions! I'm not super happy with my final photo - but oh well, it was very weird trying to pose in the air without the ground to work off of.

My favourite part of the week was the show for Heatherette!! Richie Rich and Travor Raines were fabulous, of course they turned our dressing room into an explosion of sequins, sparkles, corsets and spurs and "HELLOO" it was amazing!

Heatherette is the reason why I love fashion and especially now after the show - why I love modelling. The talent and craftsmanship that goes into Heatherettes clothing - all the meticulously handmade pieces - is how fashion is art. That's why as an art student - I feel fashion and modelling is so relevant, because we are really exhibiting wearable art, and working with the designers to do that. It was so much fun doing the show - playing the coquette, being flirty and sassy on the catwalk instead of the normal "fierce" fashion walk, just being able to let loose and have fun up there was really awesome.

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