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Highs and Lows

Branden expresses satisfaction with working with Colin, but disappointment at Karen's elimination.

Wow, a new day, a new photo shoot! I thought today was especially awesome because we got to do a sports photo shoot with a great photographer and the radical part was that me and Colin were partners and we got to be hooked up to a pulley system that let us do some pretty cool high flying action stunts. All and all I think the day turned out to be a lot of fun. 

I liked my photo a lot today except for my legs. They’re not bent at all which kind of made the photo look bad but I liked the photo from the waist up and I’m really proud of Colin; he really showed me that he was trying really hard in that photo shoot. One part of the day that was crazy though is when Amanda won the photo shoot and Laury flipped out and said she didn’t deserve it which was kind of disrespectful, and I got really mad at Sandhurst for getting mad at me for a stupid reason but that’s beside the point. The day went good and I’m happy.

The catwalk! Today’s catwalk was one of the most fun so far I think because we got to wear some pretty sweet shoulder pad looking thing and at the end of the runway we had to do a sports pose which was cool because I acted like I was a boxer and did a boxer pose at the end, but there was also a bummer at the end of the day: Karen got eliminated which really sucked because I liked her a lot and she was hot! But I got to move on. I can’t wait to see what photo shoot we have in store for tomorrow.

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