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How Far They've Come

As the competition gets hotter, Debbie thinks the models should chill out.

The competition is on! I watched the rerun of the first episode in the series the other day, and it is so incredible how far these models have come! From show one to now it is just amazing! These kids are taking the competition very seriously. I have been told that they are practicing their catwalk at home constantly. Even though some of them still have their issues, their improvement is noticeble. I am proud of all of them.

Jacki has an amazing body. I think it may be more of a sportswear or swimsuit body than high fashion though. She is very compact. I do not know what the requirements for petite models are, but I think that she might meet them. She is very competitive and driven, so I am sure she will find her niche. Jacki was working very hard on her catwalk, trying to change from the one note sexy thing, and she was just staring to achieve a more fluid, graceful walk. I wish her the best of luck.

I never told her this, but I think that she will find it funny that my ears used to stick out farther than hers do! I lost a cosmetic campaign due to my Dumbo affliction, so I had them pinned back!
Now that the competition is getting so fierce, I think the models need to relax and have fun with it. I know that that probably sounds strange, but when you over think your movements on the runway or in pictures, it shows. They have been taught well, now they need to trust themselves and not let the pressure of the competition get to them. I think they need to start believing in themselves as models. Now that their walks are getting better, a lack of confidence is the one thing that will really point out the amateurs form the up-and-coming pros.

Someone posted a question on my blog asking why I keep telling the models to watch their facial expressions, because in the tent shows the models seem to show no expression. Some of the models, especially the boys seem to be staring straight ahead and they almost look like they are clenching their jaws. It makes them look scared. They need to look like they don't care, and they know who they are, and that they are freaking good at what they do, and some of them are still not showing that. They do not look very confident.

This week the catwalk was so difficult! There was a turntable at the end of the runway, and they had to step up on it while it was moving and do three poses. I tried it in high heels, and I must admit I was not very good at it. Shannon was very sick, and both she and Holly did a much better job in there stiletto boots than I did. Girls are able to do more in their posing than boys can, but I think some of the boys could have shown more strength in their posing. They were told the mood of the catwak was arrogance. Perry thought that was funny because he was told just the week before that he was perceived negatively as arrogant!


Ben did well until he stepped on the turntable. I thought he was one of the best in the practice and then when it came to the show ... he looked unsure of himself. But, his walk going up to the turntable was great, and he looked better from the back view than most. He is so gorgeous, and sometimes he really rocks it, but he needs to get more consistent.


Casey practices the most of all the models. He has been doing ballet poses for about four weeks, and he is staring to straighten out his pigeon toe, but that is not his only problem. He rolls his shoulders a bit, and walks from his chest at times and he does not embrace his core. He is so beautiful, but I fear he will not make it much further if he does not start to look more like a model, especially on the catwalk. It breaks my heart because he tries so hard! This week, his walk was not very strong, and his poses on the turntable were weak as well. He did not look very focused.


Frankie looked stiff on the catwalk again. He is another model who practices like crazy, but I feel like maybe he is trying too hard. He is staring straight ahead, giving off that insecure vibe, and his shoulders, neck, and expression do not look relaxed. I think that usually he has the strongest photos, but he needs to relax on the catwalk and believe in himself more.


I loved Holly this week! I am telling you, that turntable was so hard in high heels, and she was amazing! Her poses were great, from her facial expressions down to the position of her feet. We have been working on making her walk more fierce, and this week she nailed it. She brings her all to the photo shoots, and the catwalk, and when she does not do well, it is not like she can not take criticism and becomes an emotional wreck. The fact that she can outwardly show her emotions about her fiance and her friends will only make her stronger as a model. She will be able to bring that emotion and sensitivity to her pictures.


Perry showed me his softer side this week. Being in the bottom three definitely was the best thing that could have happened to him. I felt like he listened to my critique of his walk in practice, and he realized that his walk needs some fine tuning. His shoulders are very wide and his head is small, so he can give the impression of looking a bit Hulk- like. I thought he did well with his poses, and his walk was better. He impressed me with his attitude.


Oh my, what happened? He is looking and doing amazing! This guy is becoming huge competition! He takes direction very well, and although he did amazing in the catalogue shoot, (of course) his catwalk was edgy, and his poses were not catalogue at all. He did great.


Shannon came from the hospital to the catwalk. You could not tell that she was sick. She is definitely fierce competition for the other models. She is so strong. I was extremely impressed with her drive, that catwalk was very difficult, and she did very well. She looked beautiful.Proud

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