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I Can Breathe!

Shannon is so excited Holly won... and the boys lost.

I cannot over-express how happy I am that Holly won! I feel relieved now knowing that a deserving person has won the title of "supermodel." During the waiting period, I was a bit scared that america would make the wrong choice. I was scared that theatrics and bull shit would once again be rewarded. I was scared that any of the boys would win. I was scared to even watch at first by fear that these things would come true.

Although now I can breathe because I know an admirable woman took the title, and I couldn't be happier about it. Only those who know Holly can truly understand how much it means to her. Or maybe everyone who watched recognized that fact and gave her their votes because of it. Either way, she'll definately do the title justice -- which is the most important thing. Every single person in the competition wanted to win but there were only a few who wanted it for the right reasons. There were only a few who had it in their blood. Holly was one of those people and she'll make one hell of a supermodel.
Now that the show is entirely over it's pointless to reflect on any of it. But... I'm going to anyway: There were a number of good memories and a number of bad ones. There were even times when enough was enough for everybody in the house. But we all signed up for it. We all took what really was a big risk for hopes of something bigger and for an amazing oppurtunity. In the end, that paid off for all fourteen of us. I'm thankful that we all got the experience. I'm grateful that I had amazing photoshoots with great photographers. I'm grateful I got to model in circumstances that most models could only dream of. And now I'm thankful that I can look at the competition as authentic because of Holly's win.

Every single person on the show is now free from what seemed like a very beautiful cage. One that I would happily go back to. At the end of the day, I can look back at even the frustrating times and be happy that it at least gave many people a solid form of entertainment on Thursday nights. Everyone was sort of made into a character. I'm proud of the character I was (yes, I am stubborn and argumentative and speak my mind when I should probably just be quiet but i stick by it!). Flaws and all, I'm proud of everything I did on the show and I'm very proud of Holly for being true to herself and never compromising a single thing to get ahead.
I'd be proud to be any one of the girls on the show. In fact, I took the on-line quiz and found out that i am not actually myself but that I am Stephanie! (Ha! Go figure!) In truth, I'm happy that everything, and I mean everything, happened the way it did. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Now it's all over, and I have a BIG smile on my face :)

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